Seven Reasons Why Virtual Offices Are Right For Your Small Business

Brilliant article in PC World today called “What Telecommuting Can Do for Your Business.” Logan G. Harbaugh outlined seven benefits of telecommuting in his article.

I’ve summarized his key points below:

1. Your workers are more productive.

2. You can reach team members wherever they are, regardless of location.

3. You conserve office space and save money.

4. You reduce IT management time and equipment costs.

5. You can take advantage of distributed, cloud-based IT functions.

6. Your organization can become more agile.

7. Your workers cost less.

“Telecommuting can save your company substantial sums with little in the way of real downsides, as long as you manage security carefully,” Harbaugh writes. “The perception of difficulty in supervising remote workers often seems to be the biggest bar to implementing telecommuting, but you can overcome this resistance by looking at the bottom line.”

Telecommuting from a virtual office indeed offers all of these benefits. Workers are more productive because there are not as many in-office distractions to deal with. You can reach team members wherever they are when they are in virtual office mode thanks to mobile technologies. Virtual offices conserve office space and save money because physical office space requirements are shed.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions understands how to help companies deploy alternative workplace strategies that include virtual offices, virtual receptionists, virtual assistants and various virtual office technologies. Whether you need virtual offices in New York, virtual offices in Los Angeles, virtual offices in Miami or some other city, we can help your workers get up and running with the tools they need quickly.


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