Would You Pay to Work in a Virtual Office?

ATLANTA-If you are like most working adults in the U.S., you’d pay for a little flexibility.

A new online survey from flexible staffing firm Mom Corps conducted by Harris Interactive reveals flexible work options are pretty darn important to working professionals as they determine where they want to do their 9 to 5. And that’s the point. It’s not just 9 to 5 anymore. It’s a world of work shifting, telecommuting, flex-time and virtual office space.

"The fact that employees of all ages are willing to give up any percentage of their salary in exchange for more flexibility over their work schedule is significant, especially given the economic climate and record unemployment," says Allison O'Kelly, founder and CEO of Mom Corps. "Corporate America no longer aligns with the way U.S. families conduct their daily lives. Participating in some form of flexible work option allows employees to have more work/life balance, and successful companies know this can yield a significant return on investment for them."

Check out some of these results, which bodes well for the concept of virtual offices.

  • 42% are willing to give up some percentage of their salary for more flexibility at work; about six percent is the average.

  • 12% of working men say they would be willing to give up more than 10 percent of their salary in exchange for more flexibility.

  • 6% of women would be willing to trade a tenth of their salary for more flex-time.

  • 62% agree that flexibility is one of the most important factors they consider when looking for a new job or deciding what company to work for.

  • 79% of working mothers and 77% of working fathers agree they would stay with a company longer if it offered flexible work options.

One of the easiest ways to foster a culture of flexibility in the workplace is virtual office solutions. By deploying virtual office solutions, from virtual office space to web conferencing to live receptionists and beyond, companies can attract the best and brightest workers. It’s been proven time and time again in studies. But this is the first survey I’ve seen where folks were so hungry for alternative workplace strategies that they would be willing to let you take money out of their pockets!

So if you are looking for virtual office space in Atlanta, Mom Corps’ hometown, or you are reaching this article from New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Miami or somewhere in between, check with Davinci Virtual office solutions about how we can help you aceheive work-life balance while actually saving you money.


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