Celebrating Alternative Workplace Strategies on Labor Day

At Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, we like to honor companies that are offering alternative workplace strategies for employees. So what better to write about on Labor Day than a company that is offering flexible workplaces?

The Novo Group won the 2011 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility for its use of flexibility as an effective workplace strategy to increase business and employee success. The award recognizes companies in the Chicago area.

“We value our employees and work hard to maintain a company culture of open communication, truth, respect and fairness,” Cindy Lu, president and CEO of recruitment firm The Novo Group. Novo offers alternative workplace strategies like work-from-home schedules, a condensed workweek, or creative approaches for childcare.

According to the Families and Work Institute (FWI), workplace flexibility—such as flextime, part-time work and compressed workweeks—has been demonstrated to help businesses remain competitive while benefiting employees as well. Virtual office space plays right into those strategies.

“Our research consistently finds that employees in effective and flexible workplaces have greater engagement on the job and greater desire to stay with their organization,” says Ellen Galinksy, president of FWI. “In addition, they report lower stress levels and better overall health.”

Lower stress levels, better overall health and greater engagement from tools like virtual offices? The research proves it. Of course, we’re not surprised. We are seeing these sorts of results every day from clients who rent our virtual office space in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and beyond. Now, the world is just taking more notice of the value-added benefits of virtual office space.


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