Does Your Small Business Need a Culture Fairy?

You’ve heard of the tooth fairy. But what about the culture fairy? Could your small business use such a thing?

We at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions seem to be doing pretty good with our culture fairy. Let me explain how this works and you can decide for yourself if your very own small business would benefit from a culture fairy.

First, consider that Davinci Virtual, a leading provider of global virtual office solutions, has witnessed incredible growth since its launch in 2006. How incredible, you ask? Well, in just five years, we grown to over $10 million in revenues. We now employ more than 100 people. And our unique corporate culture helped us get there.

Now, we’re making it official. Katie Fronk, a key manager with the company for several years, has been promoted to a curiously unique position titled "The Culture Fairy." As such, Fronk’s only responsibility is to make sure we have a great company culture and total employee happiness at all times and at all costs.

"Our employees are our absolute greatest asset," says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. "It is critical that we create a work environment where every single team member is happy, healthy and has the tools to succeed—in their career as well as in life.”

Fronk was the unofficial culture fairy until now, having launched initiatives like the organic garden club, an after-hours employee education program, childcare and gym membership discounts, a sponsored weightwatcher program for employees, monthly team building events, a company library, game rooms, free healthy snacks and fruit, employee initiated community support/giving efforts, a new company newsletter and much more.

“Our new culture initiative is by far the most important thing we have ever done and it is the only way this company will be able to continue to grow in a healthy and enjoyable way,” Grodnik says. “We are so pleased with Katie's work. I am convinced that happy employees make for happy clients.”

So what about your company? Do you need a culture fairy? Do you have an unofficial culture fairy in place that makes the workplace brighter and cheerier? If not, it may be time to look around your small business and see if employees are happy and make some changes, if necessary. Even if your small business is only you, reward yourself for your successes. You deserve it.


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