New Widget Makes Collecting E-mail Addresses Simple

If you’ve been reading this small business blog for any length of time, then  you know I’m a big believer in Internet marketing. E-mail marketing is part of that.

However, one of the obstacles with e-mail marketing is finding an easy way to collecting e-mail addresses of potential new customers in a spam-compliant manner. Indeed, a recent Constant Contact survey revealed the number one thing that keeps small business owners up at night is attracting new customers.

Constant Contact didn’t gather that information for the sake of having knowledge. The company has actively moved to solve the problem via a partnership with Web site builder Yola.

Here’s how the strategic alliance benefits you: With the drag of a mouse, you can collect e-mail addresses on your Web site—or on any landing page you create for special online marketing campaigns—using a new widget from Yola. The widget lets small businesses add a “Join My Mailing List” box to their Web sites without the need for any special knowledge about coding.

Essentially, adding a customizable Constant Contact Join My Mailing List box is as easy as dragging and dropping the widget onto a Web page. The widget will automatically update your e-mail marketing lists with new e-mail addresses collected from your Yola Web site.

Of course, the catch is you have to be a Constant Contact customer. If you work with another e-mail marketing company, see if they have a similar tool. Transferring your e-mail lists isn’t always the easiest move to make. But if you need these sorts of widgets and value-adds and your current provider isn’t offering them, it may be time for a change.


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