Teenage Bee Entrepreneur Offers Inspiration

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the power of testimony. So when I see a fellow entrepreneur find success, it’s inspiring.

I was reading about an unlikely entrepreneur this morning whose story I’d like to share. His name is Henry Miller and he’s only 14 years old.

The story begins when Miller visited The Georgia Sea Turtle Center during summer break. Like lots of kids his age, Miller had fun, took pictures and learned sea turtles don't lay eggs until they're 30 or 35. For most teens that would have been the end of it, but not for Miller. It seems this teenager is a natural born entrepreneur and activist.

Indeed, Miller has a track record for launching entrepreneurial ventures that he uses to support his pet causes. For example, when Miller was just 11 years old he learned about Colony Collapse Disorder and started his own business donating part to The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees. He reminds, “You know we'll only last seven years once bees are gone.”

Three years after launching  his first venture, Miller was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Henry's Sweet Miracle Honey & Henry's Stingers, the second company he started. Henry's Sweet Miracle Honey & Henry's Stingers is a unique honey company with products like Grumpy Grandpa—a combination of raw honey, red pepper & garlic—Naughty Nana, a ginger/pepper blend, and Phoebe's Fireball with its chipotle/cinnamon mix.

Then Miller learned that weterinarians at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center commonly use raw honey to treat turtle injuries. When Miller discovered that only one in 4,000 hatchlings survive, his honey company adopted a sea turtle. His donation goes toward the medical care for other sea turtles.

“My adoptive sea turtle is Phantom. He lost an eye from a boat accident and had a horrible infection from a fishing hook stuck in his neck,” Miller says. “Phantom had to have multiple honey treatments to draw out the infection. Now he's been released with a transmitter and I'm going to put a link on henrysstingers.com so kids can see where Phantom is at any time. Funny thing is, we use honey in a completely new way while the sea turtles are using it in one of the most oldest ways possible.”

So remember, entrepreneurs, when you find success—find a cause. It’s good to give back to causes that represent your passion.

Check out this video Miller shot:

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv7GksTLnwg [/youtube]


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