Did You Spend Presidents Day in a D.C. Virtual Office?

Happy President’s Day. As I set out to celebrate this holiday—which essentially just means I’m working but it’s much more low-key since most people aren’t—I thought about U.S. history and the virtual office.

I know, I know. Strange thing to think about at some level. But I had the random thought about George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. If they were alive today, what would they think about virtual office space? I reckon Washington and Lincoln would consider it rather innovative.

Then I thought about virtual offices in Washington, D.C. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers seven virtual office locations in Washington, D.C., including locations on Pennsylvania Avenue, G Street, I Street, 16th Street, 12th Street, and Connecticut Avenue.

Let’s take a closer look at Davinci’s virtual office space at Washington DC Office Center.

Washington DC Office Center is located at 1325 G Street NW. For as little as $95 a month you can boast a virtual office space in this location. You’ll get a prime business address, mail and package support, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter, and more. You can also rent a conference room or day office space on demand.

With seven virtual office locations in Washington, D.C., Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has the office space, virtual receptionists, virtual assistants and virtual office technologies to help you build a professional business image in Washington, D.C.


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