Study: 44% of Small Businesses Let Employees Telecommute

One interesting trend that has been on the rise among small business owners, likely due to continually improving technology, is allowing employees to telecommute.

According the annual National Small Business Administration (NSBA) Survey of Small- and Mid-Sized Business, in 1997 only 9 percent of small businesses allowed telecommuting. Ten years later in 2007 that number jumped to 19 percent.

According to NSBA’s most recent technology survey, 44 percent of small businesses allow their employees to telecommute. Although the NSBA admits that the demographics of the two surveys are somewhat different, the group feels there is no doubt that technology improvements have made telecommuting a much more affordable and reliable benefit to offer employees.

These survey results come as no surprise to us here at Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. We’ve watched the rise of telecommuting and have been part of the rise of virtual office space. From Los Angeles on the West Coast to Chicago in the middle of the country to Miami down South and New York in the northeast, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has been a premier provider of virtual office space since 2006.

But Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers more than virtual office space. We offer a full gamut of virtual office solutions, from virtual receptionists and virtual assistants to Live Web Chat and web conferencing. We also offer call screening and scheduling services. All the bells and whistles that make a telecommuter’s life easier are ready and available at attractive rates at Davinci.


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