Davinci Comments on Alternative Workplace Strategy Webinar

Did you see the recent webinar on alternative workplace strategies? The webinar was titled, “Alternative Workplace Strategy: Aligning for Action.” This is a solid webinar that anyone exploring the notion of alternative workplace strategies should view.

In the webinar, Jeff Root, vice president of Product Marketing and Management for PeopleCube and Diane Stegmeier, president of Stegmeier Consulting Group, discussed some of the secrets to success of an alternative workplace strategy. At the core of the message: getting buy-in from key stakeholders and proactively addressing possible objections.

“Develop your change management strategy proactively, and as early as possible in the process of developing a new workplace strategy,” Stegmeier said in the webinar. “Don’t wait until you might face resistance. I guarantee you will face some.”

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can help you execute your alternative workplace strategy. Whether your company is headquartered in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, or some other part of the country, Davinci has virtual office space at attractive rates.

But beyond virtual office space, Davinci Virtual also has various other virtual office communications solutions. Virtual receptionists, for example, can handle calls for any number of employees working from virtual offices. And virtual assistants can provide support to your virtual office workers. Davinci also offers virtual communications solutions like Live Web Chat and Cisco WebEx for online meetings.

Of course, we realize from time to time that you may need access to a physical office space. That’s why Davinci Virtual Office solutions offers you options like day office space, meeting room and conference room rentals by the hour. The bottom line: Davinci has all of the virtual office tools you need to executive your alternative workplace strategies.


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