Avoid Embarrassing Moments with Virtual Office Space

Every once and a while, we just need to have a little bit of fun on the Davinci Virtual Office Solutions blog. Since it’s Friday, I figure it’s as good a time as any.

So, think about it for a minute…have you ever felt like crawling under your desk on the job? According to a new OfficeTeam survey, you're in good company. Executives interviewed were asked to recount their most embarrassing moments at work. Here are some of their responses:

  • "I screamed when I saw a lizard in my office."

  • "I went into the ladies' bathroom by mistake."

  • "I was late getting to the office and realized I wore my bathroom slippers to work."

  • "I conducted a training session with my zipper down."

  • "My shirt was on backward."

  • "I said something inappropriate about my boss and found out he was standing right behind me."

OfficeTeam came up with a much longer list, but you get the idea. The good news is, with a virtual office you can avoid all these and other embarrassing moments. For example, if you see a lizard in your virtual office no body will hear you scream. And it’s not likely that your home office has labeled men and women’s bathrooms, so you can easily avoid that mistake.

Hey, if you want to, you can wear your slippers—and your pajamas—all day long in your private virtual office. It won’t matter if your zipper is down because there won’t be anyone there to see it. And, finally, you don’t have to worry about your boss standing behind you overhearing your conversations. You have permission to speak freely in your private virtual office.

So if you are tired of those embarrassing moments, consider working from a virtual office space. Perhaps your boss is just as tired as you are of seeing you come to work in your slippers, with your zipper down, heading into the ladies’ bathroom by mistake with your shirt on backwards, screaming about lizards and saying inappropriate things about him. Just a thought…

All kidding aside, if you do decide to go the virtual office route, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual office space in New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and hundreds of other cities around the world.


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