Virtual Office Users Escape New York Blizzard

Thousands of travelers are snowed in during a Northeast blizzard that has dumped more than two feet of snow on New York, Newark, Philadelphia, and other states in the region.

Flights have been grounded. Bus lines have stopped. So have trains and taxis. Even the subway system in Manhattan came to a halt at some points. With winds up to 80 mph, many are stuck at home for a white post-Christmas.

But business doesn’t have to come to a standstill for entrepreneurs, road warriors and companies that have employed virtual office technologies. Although face-to-face meetings are stymied, virtual office technologies like web conferencing can keep business moving along.

With a virtual office, you are practically immune to blizzards that hit cities like New York and Chicago. You can sit inside your home office with a hot cup of coffee, a laptop and virtual office technologies like instant messaging and web conferencing still accomplish plenty.

What about incoming calls to the office? The virtual receptionist has those covered. When you rely on a virtual receptionist for your inbound calls, a trained professional can answer the line in your company name and can reroute your calls to wherever you happen to be stuck, whether that’s Newark Liberty International Airport, a hotel room in Philadelphia or your home in Manhattan.

So if you are stuck right now checking your corporate voicemail every 15 minutes so you don’t miss a call, consider calling Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. It’s also quick and easy to get set up with a virtual assistant who can ease some of the stress of doing business in a blizzard. Davinci also offers web conferencing and other virtual office technologies that pave the way to clear skies for your company.


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