AOL Ranks Cincinnati Second Best for Telecommuters

AOL recently named the “11 Best Cities for Telecommuters.” Atop the list is Austin. We looked the reasons why AOL named Austin a telecommuter’s dream earlier this week. Now, it’s time to look at the runner up: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Indeed, Cincinnati, Ohio ranked second on AOL’s list of best cities for telecommuters. What reason did AOL give for the honor? Let’s check out what AOL said from its own mouth:

“Ohio’s largest metropolitan statistical area has all the standard accoutrements of a major city: With a ballet and a symphony, an opera and several museums, it is home to more than 10 colleges and universities, and is headquarters to nine Fortune 500 companies. But its real claim to fame is culinary: Host of America’s largest Oktoberfest celebration, Cincinnati’s rich German heritage continues to flavor the city's culture. In recent years, however, schnitzel and bratwurst have given way to spicier fare, and Cincinnati’s famous five-way chili has propelled it to the title of  “chili capital of the world,” with more chili restaurants per capita than any other city in the world. Yet, even with all those beans, Cincinnati remains the second most fit, third most literary and second cheapest city on this list.”

Very interesting. When you look at it from that perspective, I can agree that Cincinnati would be a great city for telecommuters. The good news is Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has plenty of options for virtual offices in Cincinnati. There is a trio of virtual offices in Cincinnati to choose from:

You can rent virtual office space at Cincinnati’s Blue Ash building for as little as $135 a month. Your premium address would be 11427 Reed Hartman Highway.

You could also opt for virtual office space at the Chiquita Center. Your business card would read 250 East Fifth Street, 15th Floor. Virtual offices at this location also run about $135 a month.

Finally, you could choose virtual office space at Cincinnati Executive Office at 9453 Waterstone Blvd. That virtual office will cost you only about $100 a month.

Beyond the premium business address—and the ability to have chili five-way any time you want—you’ll also get mail and package receipt, a business support center, lobby greeter, and more. You can also rent a conference room office on-demand. So if you are considering renting virtual office space in Cincinnati—AOL’s second best city for telecommuters—look no further than Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.


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