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The Freedom of a Virtual Office, Underscored

You don’t need a full-time office any longer thanks to advancing technologies that allow you to work efficiently anywhere and anytime. You might prefer to not have to trudge into the headquarters office routinely as an everyday 9-to-5 commuter if you had your druthers, which saves you time, money, and reduces carbon footprint. Qualified employees are also demanding more from their place of work, from flexible work hours and perhaps even a combo of on-site and off-site days, and employers are listening in order to attract and keep the talent. And with many bosses loosening their presenteeism monitoring standards, opting instead for bottom-line & measurable deliverables and less on where the work is performed, it is definitely becoming a ticket to management/employment bliss.

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Davinci 101: Premium Live Receptionist

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face is ensuring that they have proper communication with current and prospective clients. Many business owners run themselves ragged trying to juggle daily tasks, meetings, personal to-dos, client communication, and business admin tasks. And even with a deep investment of time and energy, many tasks simply get left unfinished or follow-up with clients suffers. One of the best ways to keep up with daily business tasks and communication with clients is to invest in a live receptionist service. Davinci’s Premium Live Receptionist plans are the perfect solution for any entrepreneur or small business that needs help with business administration and client communication.

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Customer Success Story: Spectra Lumens

For October, our success story comes from a startup company that needed affordable and great virtual office space. Spectra Lumens came to us because Davinci offered virtual office locations in an area that the business desired to show off on their website and print material. Charles, who owns the company, started researching the option of using a virtual office a little over a year before deciding to get one with Davinci.

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