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Avoiding Virtual Office Space Pitfalls, Part 1

LOS ANGELES—I often talk about the benefits of virtual office space. But there are certain pitfalls associated with telecommuting. The good news is, you don’t have to fall into them if you know what they are.

I was reading an article on the Mother Nature Network that does a fine job of laying out the telecommuting pitfalls to avoid as you work from the quiet ser...

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Virtual Office Options Considered Top Perk

NEW YORK—I saw a pretty snappy infographic on the rise of telecommuting from Wrike, which makes project management software that enables, among others, virtual office users.

Wrike contends that today, people don’t have to clock in at the office every weekday—jobs go where the talents are. It seems Wrike isn't just whistling dixie. Wrike surveyed 1,074 people. Ei... Read more

Davinci Virtual Rolls Out Android Virtual Office App

NEW YORK-That’s right. Following the roll out of our iPhone virtual office app we are now offering Android users everywhere an app all their own.

"By launching our Android app shortly after our iPhone app release, we now enable most of our client base to interact with the Davinci Virtual Communication Services from their mobile devices—no matter if Android or iP...

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Get the Balance Back In Your Career With a Virtual Office

NEW YORK-Are you out of balance in your career? That's the question Deborah Brown-Volkman, president of Surpass Your Dreams, is asking. As we explore this question and its answer, let's consider how a virtual office could help.

So, again, are you out of balance in your career? Brown-Volkman says you know you are when your career is all you think about; when you ... Read more

Virtual Office Benefits Getting More Media Attention

NEW YORK-It seems like many businesses are allowing their employees to work from home at least part of the time. Several of my employees have asked about this. What are some pros and cons of the telecommuting model, and are there some traps to avoid?

That’s the question Bob Dahms, a business counselor with the Bellingham chapter of SCORE, set out to answer in a recent column in the Bellingham Herald. You can cli...

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