Are Your Female Workers Stressed? Introduce Virtual Office Space.

We’ve come a long way, baby. But many of us are also stressed out—and it’s more than a little bit bad for our health.

Women who report having high job strain and active job strain have 40 percent and 56 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease respectively, including heart attacks and the need for invasive heart procedures compared to women with low job strain.

What in the world is job strain? Let’s be clear. A form of psychological stress, job strain is defined as having a demanding job that provides limited opportunity for decision making or to use one's creative or individual skills.

The study also found that job insecurity or fear of losing one's job and job strain were both associated with risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and excess body weight. However, unlike job strain, job insecurity was not directly related to the development of actual heart attacks, stroke, invasive heart procedures or cardiovascular death.

"From a public health perspective, it is crucial for employers as well as government and hospital entities to monitor perceived employee job strain and initiate strategies to manage job strain and perhaps positively impact prevention of heart disease, employee productivity and business competitiveness,” says Dr. Michelle Albert, M.D. M.P.H, the study's senior author and cardiologist at Brigham and Women's Hospital and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston Mass.

How can employers help women reduce workplace stress? One way is by offering alternative workplace strategies, including flextime. Virtual office technologies make flextime possible for small companies and large corporations alike. By offering a virtual office space, virtual assistants and virtual receptionists, companies can cut down on labor and facilities costs and also help employees reduce stress levels.

Whether to reduce stress, drive up productivity or cut costs, more and more companies are turning to virtual office space. Virtual office space can help you attract and retail the best and brightest employees by offering flexible scheduling arrangements and even remote work opportunities. So what are you waiting for, ladies? Why not suggest virtual office space to your employer before you get stressed out again?


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