Addressing Challenges to Alternative Workplace Strategies

Interested in learning more about alternative workplace strategies? PeopleCube is launching the second part of its two-part series on alternative workplace strategies on Wednesday, November 10 at 1 p.m. ET.

If you are interested in virtual offices, telecommuting, and other alternative workplace strategies, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to check out the latest trends and understand how to overcome the challenges associated with executing them in this webinar.

Renowned author and change management consultant Diane Stegmeier of Stegmeier Consulting Group and alternative workspace expert Jeff Roof of PeopleCube an alternative workplace strategies webinar entitled, “Alternative Workspace Strategy Part II: Aligning for Action.”

The webinar aims to help you anticipate many of the common internal objections to alternative workspace environments before they become actual problems. From specific departmental objections to personnel concerns, you will learn proven techniques companies are using now to ensure a successful flex work environment for years to come.

Still not convinced that virtual offices and other alternative workplace strategies are relevant in corporate America? Consider the statistics.

The number of mobile workers is expected to exceed 1 billion worldwide by the end of 2010, yet many companies are finding it difficult to maintain a successful flex work program—let alone get one off the ground. Many of the problems encountered are attributable to the number of different departments typically involved.

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