Will Businesses Turn to Virtual Office Space?

As we continue to explore the Cisco Connected World Report and how virtual offices fit into alternative workplace strategies in corporate America, consider these additional findings. When  you do, you’ll begin to see the value of a secure, trusted virtual office provider.

For example, the survey shows that almost half of the IT respondents (45 percent) said they are not prepared policy- and technology-wise to support a more borderless, mobile workforce. Not surprisingly, security is the top concern. Davinci Virtual helps ensure security of its virtual office solutions.

The study also reveals that although many of the IT respondents felt security (57 percent), budget (34 percent), and staff expertise (17 percent) were the biggest barriers to enabling a more distributed workforce, employees often felt IT and corporate policies were the obstacles. This perception among employees was extremely prevalent in India, where more than half (58 percent) felt IT was the obstacle to a more flexible work style.

"Employee mobility is a fact of life, and the  business advantages are clear across many industries. While The Cisco Connected World Report does identify real challenges for businesses, it also spotlights an opportunity for IT to enhance its relationship with employees and its role as an adviser and educator,” says Dave Evans, Futurist and Chief Technologist of Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group.

“Simply put, this report serves as a call-to-action for IT organizations. Work is not a place anymore. It's a lifestyle, and the IT profession's role is only going to get more strategic as it tries to help businesses stay agile and increase productivity."

Large corporations can depend on Davinci Virtual to provide the framework for a secure virtual office environment. Davinci Virtual offers virtual office technologies like Cisco's WebEx platform, as well as virtual receptionists and virtual assistants who work under confidentiality agreements. When it comes to security, both IT and personnel, Davinci's virtual offices are leading the charge.


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