London Virtual Office Users Avoid BT Price Hike

If you are in London, you are probably dreading British Telecom’s price hikes. The telecom giant plans to increase its rates by 10 percent in October.

Davinci Virtual is working to help London businesses mitigate that cost with virtual offices and telephone answering services that help you keep your communications budget in check.

Steve Golding, Davinci UK’s General Manager, understands that small- to mid-sized businesses are already feeling the pain of a challenging economic environment, high taxes and what he calls “crippling bank charges.” As he sees it, the last thing you need is higher phone costs—and he has some good news. Davinci Virtual virtual office and telephone answering customers won’t see British Telecom’s price hikes in their monthly fees. That’s because Davinci’s call transfers costs are not linked to British Telecom standard rates—and that means Davinci’s already low costs will stay the same.

"Most small businesses today are highly mobile and so need calls patched through to them when they are on the move, so efficient and cost-effective telecoms are a crucial business tool,” Golding says. “We calculate that the average Davinci Virtual customer will save almost £850 per year in telephone answering services and, unlike competitors, we also bill call answering by the second instead of rounding it up to the nearest minute so you're only paying for the time that your virtual receptionist and assistant is on the phone on this true pay as you go service."

Golding rightly points out that virtual offices are playing a major part in keeping London’s army of small- to mid-sized businesses in touch with their clients and suppliers. Davinci Virtual offers prices starting at just £40 per month for a London virtual office. With a London virtual office, businesses also have the option of having calls professionally answered in the name of the client, messages taken and forwarded, orders processed and payment taken, and 24/7 call forwarding and teleconferencing.

Of course, London virtual office space isn’t just for Londoners. Entrepreneurs and small businesses that need to establish a presence in London can also benefit from a Davinci Virtual office space there. Davinci makes it affordable to work with virtual receptionists and virtual assistants that help you get the job done—and help keep your communications and labor costs at bay.


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