Should Corporate America Adopt Virtual Offices?

Ever wonder what the difference is between telecommuters an non-telecommuters? So did the Mineta Transportation Institute. The study helps corporations considering alternative workplace strategies better understand the mindset of employees.

That's why they set out to research the topic. The result is a report entitled, "Facilitating Telecommuting: Exploring the Role of Telecommuting Intensity and Differences Between Telecommuters and Non-Telecommuters."

The study seeks to better understand factors that help and hinder employees’ telecommuting adoption. The researchers delved into attitudes and behaviors of employees who telecommute and those who do not, and they examined supervisor attitudes and HR practices in organizations related to telecommuting.

The authors found that telecommuters were more committed to the organization and were more satisfied with life in general than non-telecommuters. They also found telecommuters to be more satisfied with their jobs when they engaged in moderate telecommuting as opposed to extreme levels of telecommuting (i.e., very high or very low). Telecommuters were also less likely to leave the organization when telecommuting was moderate.

This study, which was conducted across multiple organizations, strongly suggests that moderate amounts of telecommuting may be the best strategy for companies seeking to introduce large scale telecommuting. However, factors such as individual personalities must be taken into account.

The virtual office and virtual office technologies play a key role in the success of alternative workplace strategies. Companies that are downsizing physical office space in favor of alternative workplace strategies find virtual offices are part and parcel of executing that strategy successfully. Telecommuting and virtual office technologies go hand in hand.

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