Labor Day and the Virtual Office Space

It's Labor Day in the United States. Have you ever thought about the significance of this day, other than an extra day off from work? I hadn't. So I decided to look it up.

Labor Day started in New York City in 1882, but became a federal holiday in 1894 after many workers were killed by the U.S. Military during the Pullman Strike. Then-president Grover Cleveland immediately began working to mend fences with the labor movement to avoid additional problems.

What a different world that was. Today, we don't even consider its significance. We just think of Labor Day as the official end of summer. But so much has changed in the U.S. labor market in the last 100 years. There's maternity leave, sick pay and virtual offices.

Wikipedia defines a virtual office as a combination of off-site live communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism.

MIT offers different definition of virtual office. This educational institution defines virtual office as when, "The company has a physical location, but employees have no assigned offices. Employees may have lockers and 'check out' a desk for the day, they may set up an 'office' in their hotel, etc. This term is distinct from 'Virtual Company' which refers to companies that have no one physical location at all, no collection of inventory that's held by the company, etc."

At Davinci Virtual, we lean more toward the Wikipedia definition of a virtual office space. Core features of our products include affordable administrative support solutions such as professional live receptionists, call answering and screening, scheduling, live web chat, video conferencing and over 750 global virtual office locations with access to conference rooms and business support services. Ultimately, Davinci Virtual allows companies to create a big business image on a small business budget.

So as you enjoy this Labor Day, consider how you can make the fall season more productive for yourself and your employees by tapping into virtual office technologies.

Check out this quick video on the origins of Labor Day:



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