What Does Hurricane Earl Mean for Virtual Office Users?

A Category 3 hurricane, Earl is moving up the East coast of the U.S. North Carolina’s vacation islands are evacuating in the face of potentially damaging winds and waves expected over the holiday weekend. The storm could hit as far north as New England before the end of the week.

But what does this mean for virtual office users along the East Coast? People who telecommute from virtual offices may need to move to higher ground. But that’s the beauty of a virtual office. It’s allows you to remain productive even in the midst of a hurricane.

Sure, power outages may force you out of your home office, but the virtual office technologies go with you. For example, if you use a virtual receptionist, you can still have your calls routed to anywhere you are on dry ground as you head west to escape Hurricane Earl. You can also conduct web conferencing from anywhere at any time.

Large companies that employ telecommuters can keep in touch with their employees even in the midst of the storm through follow-me numbers that find workers wherever they go to stay safe during Hurricane Earl.

I was reading a Reuters report. In it, the pointed to a testimony before Congress from John Berry, director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. Speaking of the blizzards that forced federal offices to shut down for several days, he said, “many federal employees rose to the challenge and continued to work, making good use of telework and other work flexibilities.”

So if you are in the danger zone as Hurricane Earl approaches, consider how virtual office technologies can help you keep in touch with your clients and others. Hurricane season is not going to be over for several months. If you don’t have a disaster management plan in place, and you are in a region that sees hurricanes, it’s time to consider a virtual office space that can keep you up and running in the wake of a storm.

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