Davinci Virtual Office Innovations Highlighted in Media

Davinci Virtual is finding its way into the news again.

Davinci’s virtual offices are mentioned in onrec.com, the accompanying Web site to Online recruitment magazine, which takes an in depth look into Internet recruitment and the industry suppliers. The article is entitled, “Latest SME marketing and business tools unveiled.”

The story isn’t solely about virtual offices, but it’s a teaser to the Fresh Business Thinking LIVE! event in the UK. The event is for entrepreneurs, business owner and managers. At this event, some of the latest products and services that aim at the small- to mid-sized business community will be introduced.

Among the products mentioned in the article are Finance Gofer, a new online tool that aims to help finance professionals and entrepreneurs with small- to mid-sized business clients. Another business tool mentioned is Huthwaite Sales Toolbox, which offers applications designed to breed greater efficiency for the sales team.

Then we get to Davinci Virtual. Davinci is unveiling its Virtual Assistant Mail Shot campaign service. The new service paves the way for Davinci’s virtual assistants to launch direct e-mail campaigns and track the success of the efforts.

“We’re delighted to be involved in Fresh Business Thinking LIVE! Whether you are working from home; constantly travelling on business; looking to expand into new markets or simply planning to start a new business, the success of these ventures will often depend on first impressions,” Steve Golding, Davinci’s UK managing director, told onerec.com. “So, having a mailing address at a prestigious business location with a dedicated telephone number answered professionally in the name of your company ticks all the right boxes in terms of presenting the right image.”

Davinci Virtual office just continues to expand its innovative virtual office suite of tools and technologies. When you rent a virtual office space from Davinci Virtual, you can be sure that you have an ecosystem of virtual services at your fingertips, from virtual receptionists, to virtual assistants, and now even e-mail campaign management. Stay tuned for more virtual office innovation!


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