Get the China Virtual Office Advantage

Economists just announced that China is about to overtake Japan as the world’s second largest economy after the United States. Are you ready for the opportunity? A virtual office space in China can lower the barrier to entry to this Asian nation.

Japan’s Cabinet Office announced Monday that the nation’s gross domestic product, or GDP, totaled $1.29 trillion in the second quarter. China’s government announced its GDP for the second quarter was $1.34 trillion.

The International Monetary Fund predicts China’s GDP will reach $5.4 trillion by the end of 2010 compared to Japan’s $5.3 trillion. What’s more, China’s expected growth rate is about 8 percent over the next 10 years compared to Japan’s 1 percent growth rate. Some even predict China will eventually overtake the U.S., which currently posts a GDP of $14.26 trillion.

Again, are you ready for the opportunity? Many companies have been making aggressive moves into China for the past decade. But it’s not too late—and you don’t have to start out by investing millions in traditional buildings. You can establish a virtual office space in China for pennies on the dollar while you navigate the challenges and opportunities there.

Davinci Virtual has three virtual offices in Beijing, one virtual office in Guangzhaou, one virtual office in Macau, five virtual offices in Shanghai, one virtual office in Shenzhen, and one virtual office in Tinajin. Davinci virtual offices position you to establish a presence in more than one city in China without breaking your facilities budget.

For example, you could open a virtual office in the Chong Hing Finance Centre in Shanghai from as little as $105 a month. And you could open a second virtual office space in Beijing at the Hyundai Motor Tower for as little as $70 a month. Both China virtual offices offer you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, a business support center, a lobby greeter, a client drop off and pick up point and much more.

There is one catch with virtual offices in Beijing, Tinajin, Shanghai or any other city in China. You need a business license in order to rent virtual office space there. But once you get government approval, you can get up and running with a virtual office from Davinci Virtual literally overnight and start taking advantage of the growth opportunities there.

Need some tips on holding business meetings in China? Check out this YouTube video:



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