Virtual Offices Combat Moscow Smog Delays

A dense smog shrouded Moscow on Friday, grounding flights at the city's international airports, seeping into homes and offices and stinging the eyes of residents as wildfires raged to the east and south.

That’s the lead to an Associated Press story on Friday morning that describes smog that is so bad it has grounded incoming flights to Moscow. Moscow’s three main airports are rerouting flights in the wake of smoke from forest fires. Moscow and several surrounding regions are in a state of emergency.

Raging wildfires and other natural disasters cause business interruptions that could cost companies thousands of dollars in additional travel costs and productivity. Business travelers planning to land in Moscow now have to fly in to other cities and make alternative arrangements to get to the capital city. And this isn’t a one-day event. Moscow officials expect the situation to continue for another week.

The Moscow smog is another example of the value of virtual office technologies. If it’s not absolutely necessary to meet in person, why fight the smog, the travel reroutes and the additional road time to make a business meeting in Moscow? Virtual office technologies offer a cost-effective alternative to business travel under the best of circumstances. How much more in the midst of an emergency situation?

Virtual office technologies like Cisco WebEx let you hold online meetings and virtual conferences from your computer—or even from your smartphone. Davinci Virtual offers its virtual office customers special monthly rates on the service that lets you launch and even record virtual meetings.

And for companies or individuals who are in Moscow and don’t want to try to fly out of the region during the smog, Davinci Virtual also offers virtual office space in Moscow. You can rent virtual office space on the 19th floor of Northern Tower Business Suites in Moscow from $200 a month. You can also rent virtual office space at Moscow Executive Suites on 11 Timur Frunze Street in Moscow from $160 a month.

So whether you are in another nation trying to do business in Moscow, or you are in Moscow and need to tap into virtual office technologies that you don’t have access to in your home office, Davinci Virtual offers the tools you need to minimize business interruptions.

Check out this video on the crisis in Moscow:



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