Professionals Mix Virtual Offices and Web Gadgets

The Globe and Mail is running an interesting story today on virtual offices and web gadgets. The story chronicles several professionals who are no longer tied to traditional offices. Steve Hampton is one of those professionals.

As the Globe and Mail reports, Hampton is a marketing specialist at BIGLocal.ca, a search engine advertising agency in Ottawa. He runs a virtual office and communicates with his employees and vendors off site. As the story goes, Hampton loves using Skype while on the road. And I’m sure he uses it from his virtual office space as well.

Professionals in many industries use virtual offices and web gadgets hand in hand so they can stay connected with clients while they are on the road, or even on vacation. Virtual office space gives you a permanent, prestigious address, whether in Toronto, Montreal, or Manhattan. Virtual office space also comes with a local or 800 phone number that can follow you anywhere you go in the world.

It’s not just high-tech companies that use virtual offices. Law firms are tapping into the convenience of virtual office space. Small medical practices more and more are turning to virtual receptionists. Even large enterprises are renting virtual office space as they expand into new territories. But combining virtual office space with web gadgets like Google Docs, Skype and Cisco’s WebEx offers the ultimate flexibility.

The Globe and Mail story also offers the example of Rich Hayman, president of Just Moulding Franchising, who now uses a Motorola Droid instead of a laptop or netbook as he travels. Meanwhile, the story reports, Lee Deas of Obviouslee Marketing in Charleston, uses Google Apps to share documents with fellow workers.

The number of virtual technologies and web gadgets are growing. It’s no longer necessary to stay chained to a traditional office space. By combining virtual offices and virtual technologies, you can get more done in less time from wherever you are.

Check out this video on how Google Apps can be a complement to your virtual office space.


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