Virtual Offices Help Companies Expand into Atlanta

Thinking about expanding into Atlanta? Or maybe opening an office in an Atlanta suburb to compliment your strategic Peachtree location? If office costs are what’s holding you back, consider how the virtual office could help you expand into this bustling southern city.

First, let’s review the opportunity. Metro Atlanta is home to 13 Fortune 500 firms and 24 Fortune 1000 headquarters. That’s pretty impressive and could be a draw for your company, especially if you are targeting Fortune 500s as clients.

Atlanta is business-friendly. The Metropolitan Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and the mayor are actively involved in recruiting new companies and offer plenty of incentives. Atlanta also offers a vibrant workforce and an attractive quality of life.

You can lower your risk of expanding into Atlanta—or even opening an office for the first time in Atlanta—with virtual office space. It might surprise you to discover that you can rent virtual office space many locations in and around Atlanta for less than $100 a month. That’s a fraction of the cost of renting traditional office space.

Whether you need a virtual receptionist to give the personal touch to customers who call in or you need a premier business address in the Atlanta area, Davinci Virtual offers a suite of virtual office technologies that serve your business. Think of them as tools in your virtual toolbox that build your business.

With a virtual office, you don’t have to move key employees out to Atlanta—or even look for people to hire in Atlanta—to get off the ground there. Davinci Virtual offers you a local phone number, local address, and even a local conference room if you need to fly in and meet with a client face-to-face.

Pound for pound, companies looking to expand into Atlanta find greater value with a virtual office—even if it’s just as a virtual home base, of sorts, while they are looking for a permanent bricks-and-mortar office space.


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