Coffee May Not Make You More Productive, But Virtual Offices Will

Do you sit down in front of your computer every morning with a cup of coffee, ready to leverage your virtual office technologies for another productive day?

You may be fooling yourself. Yes, virtual office technologies help make you more productive. But that cup of Joe may not be doing you a bit of good.

According to a study on caffeine published in the Neuropsychoparmacology Journal, caffeine only makes you more alert if you don’t typically drink coffee. The study actually shows that heavy coffee drinkers keep right on chugging Lattes, espressos and other forms of the drink to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

While studies on the health benefits of coffee are inconclusive, studies on the productivity benefits of virtual offices are absolutely conclusive. When you work from a virtual office, you can cut down on the distractions and focus on the work at hand because you don’t have coworkers wanting to meet with you about a project (over a cup of coffee) in the conference room.

But don’t worry. If you need to meet a client or business partner in a conference room, your virtual office provider can accommodate. You can rent a meeting room or conference room by the hour, and typically enjoy free coffee service while you do.

A virtual office doesn’t have any negative long-term health effects. In fact, by helping you to be more productive you could actually work fewer hours, have more time to relax, reduce stress and boost health. OK, so that’s anecdotal, but there’s no research against it.

Again, the health benefits versus dangers of coffee consumption are still inconclusive. But studies show virtual offices can help you be more productive. Want more info on the health issues related to coffee? Check out this video:


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