What Do Smoking Babies and Virtual Offices Have in Common?

Have you a seen the video of the two-year-old Ardi Rizai who spokes two packs of cigarettes a day? This really disturbed me. (Scroll down to see it below if you haven't already.)

Contrast that with the headline of Barbara Izzraelli, 49, who just won $8 million in a smoking suit against RJ Reynolds. She blamed the tobacco company for her larynx cancer. If that’s not enough, there’s the new gene study that reveals the heavy tool of smoking—it’s the biggest single biggest cause of lung cancer.

Whether you want to get away from second hand smoke in a traditional office or you want to be able to smoke while you work without getting dirty looks from your colleagues, a virtual office can solve the problem. A virtual office gives you the freedom to smoke when you want to smoke—or to avoid the smoke from your co-workers.

Of course, a virtual office offers much more than that. With a virtual office, you can save plenty of cash on traditional office space. Virtual offices start at $99 a month or less at many major metropolitan locations like Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Seattle. If you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day like baby Ardi, then think of it this way: You can get a virtual office for about a third of the cost of smoking cigarettes each month.

Beyond cost savings, you also get privacy with a virtual office. When you sign up for a virtual office in Atlanta, for example, you’ll get a prestigious business address. That means clients won’t come knocking on your door because they don’t know where you live. The same holds true for the phone number. You can get an 800 or local phone number that is directed to your home or cell phone at will, or routed to an answering service. That means you don’t have to give out your private information.

As the world continues in its outrage about the two-year-old smoking baby, take this time to reflect on two things: your own smoking habits and your own officing habits. If you are a smoker, this might be a good time to stop. And if you are paying too much for your traditional office space, this might be a good time to rent a virtual office space instead.



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