British Airways Strike Highlights Virtual Office Conveniences

Another crisis has hit the airline industry—and it’s impacting international travelers. Could it be time to rethink the virtual office?

British Airways Flight Attendants launched a five-day strike on Monday to protest the failure of the union and the airline to come to terms on a cost-cutting plan.

About 40 percent of British Airways’ scheduled departures and 30 percent of its arrivals at London Heathrow were canceled as of Monday morning, the airline’s Web site reveals. British Airways plans to cancel nearly 50 percent of its flights departing from Heathrow during the strike.

Here again is an example of how virtual office technologies can come through in a pinch. Road warriors looking to fly from New York City to Düsseldorf, Germany will see flight delays and reroutes this week. But they can avoid the hassle of long waits in airports and missed business appointments with virtual office technologies like web conferencing.

Web conferencing is part and parcel of virtual office packages from Davinci Virtual. Davinci taps into the power of Cisco WebEx to enhance its virtual office offerings. As Cisco describes it, WebEx is an easy way to exchange ideas and information with anyone, anywhere. It combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing, so everyone sees the same thing as you talk.

Some people call this web conferencing because of the web + phone sharing. Others call it online meeting because they take care of business online like they do in in-person meetings. Either way, Davinci Virtual offers this service as an affordable add on to a virtual office package through its partnership with Cisco.

So whether you are weary of issues with the airlines or just want to reduce travel as a general endeavor to cut business costs, consider how Davinci’s virtual office technologies can help you reach your goals.

Want more information on the British Airways strike? Check out this video:



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