Virtual Offices Relieve Stressed—Even Before Age 50

Are you stressed? Well, you have two options for relieving some of that stress: wait until you are over 50 or rent a virtual office.

A new study called “A snapshot of the age distribution of psychological well-being in the U.S., shows that after age 50, life perceptions are more positive and feelings of worry or stress decline. This perception is consistent after age 50, regardless of certain life circumstances.

In fact, two negative emotions, stress and anger, showed declines throughout life. The pattern for another negative emotion, worry, showed a different pattern. It tended to hold steady until about age 50, when it took a sharp decline. Sadness showed a slightly inverted U-pattern over age.

If you are a long way from 50, don’t get worried, angry or sad. Just look for other ways to relieve your stress. A virtual office from Davinci Virtual—and maybe a virtual assistant and a virtual receptionist to go along with it—are one way to raise your productivity and lower your stress.

A virtual office can lower your stress in many ways. First of all, working from home where there are no distractions can be much less stressful than working in a traditional office where people are interrupting you constantly. When you are trying to meet deadlines, interruptions are especially stressful. A virtual office lets you maintain a professional image from the privacy of your own home, giving you a 800 or local phone number and prestigious address that’s not associated with your residence.

In addition to virtual offices, a virtual assistant can also help take the load of stress from your shoulders by taking on tasks that need to be done—but aren’t part of your core business. Virtual assistants can help you work more productively by allowing you to spend your time doing what you are best at. Likewise, virtual receptionists can field calls, take messages, take orders and even make outbound sales calls while you keep your head down in other tasks.

It’s good news that our stress levels naturally go down after the age of 50, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take measured steps to reduce stress in the workplace. A virtual office is not a panacea, per se, but a virtual office is one way to help you avoid stressful distractions that hinder your productivity.

Want more tips for reducing workplace stress? Watch this video for three ways to reduce stress in the workplace:



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