FCC Won’t Find Bill Shock with Davinci Virtual Offices

Without automatic usage alerts, it can be hard to know when you’re running up a surprisingly high wireless bill. The FCC’s Consumer and Intergovernmental Affairs Bureau is recommending strategies to avoid bill shock:

    1. Understand your calling pattern for making voice calls, and ask your carrier for a plan that would be best for your kind of use.


    1. If you are an infrequent phone user, consider a pre-paid plan. Because you “pre-pay” for all your minutes, these plans make it impossible to go over your set limit.


    1. Understand what your roaming charges are and where you will incur them.


    1. Understand your options for data and text plans.


    1. If you expect to be taking your phone outside the U.S. and potentially using it for voice or data (including email), make certain to find out beforehand what charges may apply.


    1. Ask how your carrier can help you avoid bill shock – with phone or text alerts, by letting you monitor your account online, or by giving you other information.


    1. If you have tried to resolve the issue with your carrier and cannot reach an acceptable resolution, complain to the FCC.

When you use Davinci virtual offices, you can avoid bill shock. That’s because virtual offices from Davinci Virtual come at a set price. You can rent a virtual office for as little as $75 a month in cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Diego, Chicago—and all 50 U.S. states.

Unlike many of Davinci Virtual’s competitors, the virtual office you rent offers a base rate that is all-inclusive. That means you won’t be shocked by additional fees for long distance, toll free minutes, call patching, voicemail, faxes, conference calling and so on.

As a matter of fact, even scheduling, order processing and outbound sales/customer service calls by Davinci’s virtual receptionists are included in the base rate you pay for your virtual office set up. The only additional cost you would see is based on call volume or by adding additional voicemail boxes to your virtual office system.

With Davinci Virtual, you also avoid long-term contracts for your virtual office. You rent a virtual office for a six-month period, but all other services, like live receptionist and communications contracts, run on a month-to-month term and you can cancel at any time.

Watch this FCC video explaining the concept of bill shock:



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