Add Siri to Your Virtual Office Arsenal

Did you hear about Apple’s latest acquisition?

The iPad-maker just snapped up Siri. I know…I had never heard of the company either. But it’s actually pretty interesting. Siri makes an iPhone app known as the Siri Assistant, which is in essence a personal virtual assistant.

Siri understands what you say, can accomplish tasks for you and adapts to your preferences. For example, you can ask Siri to find an exotic vacation venue, a local rock concert, or tickets to the movie for the weekend. Check out a quick video on Siri so you can get the full picture:


Of course, Siri can’t replace your flesh and bones virtual assistant. But for consumers who are savvy to virtual office technologies that help them be more productive, Siri is a fun app. It goes hand in hand with the virtual office lifestyle. With some verbal commands, you can book a taxi, find out the weather, locate the nearest gas station and so on.

I like to think Siri can compliment the virtual office user’s cadre of technologies, tools and gadgets. Let’s say you work from a virtual office and you are used to being always connected to the Internet. You drive to another city for a business meeting and you don’t know where anything is. Siri can help you find what you are looking for with verbal commands instead of having to do a mobile Internet search.

Again, Siri won’t replace your virtual assistant. But it can be more convenient than dialing up your virtual assistant while you are traveling. And it can add another weapon in your virtual office arsenal that makes you more productive at work and at play.


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