Norway's Prime Minister and the Virtual Office

Did you hear the news about Norway’s prime minister running the country from his new iPad? I figure if a government official can oversee the complex issues of national government from a remote location, you and I can certainly do every day business from a virtual office.

According to AP reports, Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg governed remotely with his iPad while stranded abroad by a volcanic ash cloud. The prime minister used his iPad to conduct government business after his flight from New York was canceled on Thursday.

With a virtual office, you can continue conducting business amid any delay or emergency. And you don’t even need an iPad. Virtual offices give you a prestigious business address with 800 or local numbers that are answered and forwarded to your mobile phone or other remote location anywhere in the world.

A virtual office gives you the freedom and flexibility to do business while on the run in Atlanta, in a home office in San Francisco, or even while on vacation in Hawaii. A virtual office can also give small business owners the benefit of having a physical office, and you can even tap into administrative support and catering services and have your business listed in the lobby directory.

As we announced earlier this week, Davinci Virtual offers virtual office space in every state in the United States and in many locations around the world. So whether you are an American who needs virtual office space Norway or a Norwegian who needs virtual office space in New York, Davinci has you covered.


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