Indonesia Earthquake Signals Need for Virtual Office Backups

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake has hit Indonesia. The earthquake hit the island of Sumatra. The earthquake triggered a tsunami watch. As earthquakes continue to malign various parts of the world, it's time for businesses to consider disaster recovery plans, which include virtual offices.

A business continuity or disaster management plan is vital for companies that can't afford business interruptions. You may not be able to stop a hurricane from hitting Miami, an earthquake from hitting San Francisco or a Tornado from hitting Kansas, but you can put plans in place to allow employees to work remotely in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Virtual offices offer that security. Live receptionists, web chat and other virtual office technologies can also ensure business continues as planned when you aren't available to deal with incoming calls. With a virtual office space, your employees could be scattered across various states but could still have calls forwarded to cell phones or other places from which they may be doing business.

What's more, when you rent virtual office space from Davinci Virtual, you can tap into part-time office space at a low cost while you are away from your home base. Rather than working from a coffee shop, Davinci Virtual offers access to meeting rooms and day offices with all the office equipment and Internet connections you need to keep doing business until you can return to the office.


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