What Do Bank of America and Davinci Virtual Have in Common?

What do Bank of America and Davinci Virtual have in common? One common denominator is Cisco conferencing solutions.

Indeed, the big news on the Fortune 500 front today is video conferencing. Bank of America and Cisco on Monday announced an agreement to launch the largest network of Cisco TelePresence systems. The first 200 units will be installed across the bank’s global operations by year end.

But you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 to tap into the power of Cisco’s video conferencing solutions. When you work with Davinci Virtual, you can get preferred pricing on Cisco’s WebEx online meetings and web conferencing.

Right from your virtual office in Atlanta, you can log into WebEx and initiate conferences with clients in Manhattan, partners in Seattle, employees in Miami—and prospects all over the world.

Bank of America is using Cisco’s video conferencing solutions to help its associates at its headquarters in Charlotte, as well as employees in other locations, collaborate and integrate even more effectively. Bank of America said the technology will also help associates better manage work-life balance by providing flexible meeting options, and in some cases reducing the need to travel.

Of course, you don’t need a full-blown TelePresence system to drive more collaboration, work-life balance and reduced travel. Davinci’s virtual office packages offer communications extras like Cisco’s WebEx with no set up fee for just $69.95 a month.

So whether your virtual office is headquartered in Cleveland, San Jose, Chicago or somewhere else, Davinci Virtual makes signing up with a reputable video conferencing solution as easy as clicking a few buttons.


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