Will Virtual Offices Make their Debut at CTIA?

The CTIA show is underway in Las Vegas this week. But for all the new Android-powered mobile phones, netbooks and other electronics devices, there is yet a set of innovative technologies that won’t be featured at the show: virtual offices.

Virtual offices are based on cost-saving technologies that aim to help entrepreneurs, small and large businesses alike do business more efficiently. Whether you are starting up a new firm or expanding into new markets, virtual office technologies can help you do more with less.

Virtual offices are more than just a prestigious business address and an 800 number. Virtual office systems include live answering and call forwarding services, access to high-tech conference rooms and even the availability of video conferencing and Live Web Chat services.

Virtual offices are changing the face of the office scene as companies look for ways to cut costs, drive operational efficiencies, and even recruit talent in remote locations by allowing them to work from a home office in their current city rather transfer to your corporate headquarters. Virtual offices are also a professional option in today’s mobile world, where road warriors may not spend much time at headquarters, but still need mail pick up and call forwarding services.

So while the CTIA continues to showcase the latest technological bells and whistles, keep in mind that virtual offices may not seem sexy, but they are faithful to serve the communications needs of your growing company.


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