What Father Didn’t Know About Virtual Offices

What are your favorite sitcoms? They don’t make them like they used to. I mean, you don’t see George Lopez heading out the door with his briefcase in suit and tie ala Father Knows Best. If Jim Anderson were living in the 21st Century, he’d be might even be working from a virtual office.

Virtual offices let companies of all sizes—even one-man shows—do business more efficiently so they can spend more time with their family. A virtual office offers a prestigious business address, live receptionist services, mail sorting, call routing and even access to equipment that you probably would never invest in for a home office, like a copy machine and teleconferencing software.

What’s more, if you need to meet a client face to face the virtual office concept lets you schedule a presentation in a conference room. If you need extra help with your business, you can even hire a virtual assistant without having to worry about their professionalism because virtual office providers strictly screen their employees.

Imagine if the fictional characters Jim Anderson—or even George Lopez—could save all the time they took commuting to and from work. By using a virtual office, they could spend more time with their families, enjoy better work-life balance, and while they are at it, not waste money on gas driving through traffic every day.

Call me a traditionalist. I like the old family sit-coms like Father Knows Best, and I like traditional values that include family time. A virtual office can make it possible to pursue those traditional values in a hectic 21st Century.


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