Getting Your Virtual Assistant to Help with Facebook, Part 2

Did you know Facebook just overtook Google as the most visited site on the Web? According to the latest Hitwise analysis, Facebook now boasts just a little bit more traffic than the leading search engine.

What does that mean to you? If you aren’t already on Facebook, it’s time to get busy building your social networking profile. The good news is your virtual assistant can help you get up and running on Facebook – then help you make the most of this social media platform for professional purposes.

In yesterday’s column, we looked at looked at some basic tips for professionals who use Facebook and how your virtual assistant can help you get up and running. Today, we’ll dive a little deeper with more strategies that can help you make the most of the most-trafficked property on the Internet.

Get Connected
Now that you are on Facebook, be sure that your virtual assistant cross-pollinate your social media efforts. You can tie your Facebook account to your Twitter account and your Twitter account can feed your LinkedIn account. Make sure your virtual assistant takes advantage of the widgets available to connect your social media world.

Post Business Updates

Give your virtual assistant updates that relate to your business. If you just landed a new client, you can share the news on Facebook. If you just completed a major assignment and received a client testimonial, you can post that as well.

Keep it Useful
You should also post information that might be helpful to your Facebook “friends,” such as industry articles. Your virtual assistant can scout out articles on Google News that might relate to the interests of your friends, then post them as links on your wall.

Marketing Ops
Although you don’t want to spam your Facebook friends, your virtual assistant can post promotions on your wall. Why not give your friends first dibs on the discounts your company offers as a perk for being your social networking buddy?

Need more Facebook tips for professionals? Come back tomorrow for the final part in our social media strategy series. Got some tips of your own to share? Leave a comment below.


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