Getting Your Virtual Assistant to Help with Facebook, Part 1

No discussion of social media strategy would be complete without exploring Facebook and how your virtual assistant can help you make the most effective use of this social network site for professional purposes.

We’re going to spend the next few days discussing Facebook tips for professionals. Although Facebook was started for college students by college students, you’ll find more and more businesses and executive on this social media platform. So be sure to send this post to your virtual assistant so she can get into the swing of this social networking powerhouse.

Keep it Real
When your virtual assistant sets up your Facebook account, be sure to use your real name. Nobody can find you if you use a nickname or some other moniker to describe yourself. Using fake names is also a violation of Facebook’s terms of service. If no one else has already grabbed your name, you can also use it as part of your Facebook URL. This is called personalizing your Facebook URL or using a vanity URL - a good way to brand yourself.

Upload a Photo
Don’t be like the thousands of Facebook accounts that don’t offer a photo. Get your virtual assistant to upload a professional image of you, maybe your headshot, so that the people to whom you send friend requests will recognize who you are. While we’re on the topic of photos, it’s fine to have personal photos in your albums, but don’t let your virtual assistant put up pics from the company’s Christmas party if your staff is having too much fun, if you know what I mean. In other words, keep it all professional.

Detail Your Profile
Your Facebook page offers you the opportunity to offer up plenty of details about yourself and your business. If your virtual assistant is helping you set up a Facebook account purely for professional purposes, you’ll want to make sure she includes a link to your company’s Web site, to your blog, your business e-mail address and phone number and business interest. Again, make sure your virtual assistant keeps it professional.

Don’t Spam Your Friends
The purpose of Facebook is not to aggregate a social media mailing list so you can send constant promotional messages about your business. Make sure your virtual assistant knows that. If you want to focus on a product or service, have your virtual assistant start a Facebook Fan Page where people expect to be kept up to date on new product releases and promotional offers.


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