What is a True Virtual Office?

I was reading an interesting article from Karen Condi over at Officing Today. In it, she talked about how technology advancements are making it possible for people to work from just about anywhere in the world. She also speaks of the changing rules of business hours. And she points to virtual offices as an enabler.

Let’s listen in to a bit of what Condi, executive director and principal of Alliance Office Strategies, has to say about the advantages of a virtual office:

"The advantages of a virtual office are numerous but it's important to fully understand what constitutes a true virtual office. Conceptually, virtual offices started in the mid 1980s, however, the industry has dramatically evolved as technology has changed the way we work.

"As the 1990s brought rise to the information age, new work solutions were needed to support company expansions and teams spread out over multiple locations. This movement continued through the decade and has led to a decentralization and shrinkage of the conventional office environments and an expansion of alternative officing solutions.

"Alternative officing solutions, specifically virtual offices, through office business centers continue to expand and adapt to the new requirements of today’s remote workers by providing necessary variations of services, providing supportive environments, and offering the most current technologies. As work-life balance continues to be a focus for today’s companies and workers; virtual offices provide the flexibility that workers need to conduct business while enjoying the ability to work on their terms."

Condi makes some good points – and she’s right. Much has changed in the face of technology. With the rise of the virtual office, the possibilities for where to work are, well, virtually endless.


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