What You Can Buy for $49 a Month?

Forty-nine dollars doesn’t go as long as it used to. In fact, in 1920 $50 is equivalent to more than 500 of today’s greenbacks. Of course, in 1920 bread was only 12 cents a loaf and round steak was merely 40 cents a pound – and there was no such thing as the World Wide Web, much less Live Web Chat.

By contrast, Live Web Chat just got a lot less expensive with Davinci Virtual’s latest service. Davinci is offering Live Web Chat for just $49 a month. If you haven’t talked to Nate about how this service could benefit your company, shoot him an e-mail at nwalker (at) davincivirtual.com. Here’s a sneak peak of what he’ll tell you:

Live Web Chat is proven to increase the conversion rates of your Web site traffic and will generate leads that you otherwise wouldn’t get. Leads contact info is then sent directly to your cell phone and e-mailed so you can follow up immediately. Nate will also tell you that chat history can be stored online indefinitely so you can read the transcripts.

Here’s how it works: Davinci virtual puts a small button that pictures your Live Web Chat virtual receptionist and an instruction that reads, “Live Help, Start Chat.” You can place this anywhere on your Web site that you wish. Davinci Virtual takes it from there, monitoring and capturing leads so sales don’t get away. It's just that simple.

So what are you waiting for? Nate is expecting to hear from you. He can answer all your questions about Live Web Chat right now so you don’t lose another sale. What you can get for $49 might surprise you.


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