Get Web Chatty with Your Customer Service

Have you ever been on a Web site and needed more information about a product or service, but didn't have time to wait your turn in the phone cue to speak to a customer service agent? If you are like me, the answer is yes.

I stay on the phone a lot as it is. Even though I have two ears I can only hold one phone conversation at a time effectively. So when companies have Web chat on their site, it makes my life a lot easier. I can virtually hold two conversations at once – one on the phone and one via Web chat. It makes me more productive. It helps me keep the plates spinning. And it causes me to be more loyal to the company who offered me this convenience.

Davinci Virtual understands that your customers are busy and they want to help you serve them better. That's why the company launched its newest live receptionist service offering. The Live Web Chat service complements Davinci's high-end live virtual receptionist services and allows customers to convert Web traffic into leads or sales – and it's only $49 a month.

Here are some great stats that shed light on the importance of Web chat services:

    • Agent productivity increases 35% to 75% (Yankee Group)


    • Customer service is less expensive with Web chat (Forrester Research)


    • Conversion rates are 20% higher (Forrester Research)


    • Shopping cart abandonment declines 10% (Marketing Sherpa)


    • Chat leads to 30% lift in average order value (Jupiter)

If you have a Web site that sells products or aims to generate leads for services, the $49 a month investment in Davinci's Live Web Chat service could pay dividends for your company. And remember, Davinci's virtual office services can be explored via the company's Web site and can be combined with many attractive global virtual office location and support services.


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