All You Can Eat Video Conferencing

Did you know the video conferencing market is set to reach $11.9 billion this year? That’s an amazing figure, and one that shows the sheer demand for this type of collaborative technology.

It’s no wonder. Video conferencing increases productivity, cuts travel expenses, improves communications, strengthens relationships, and otherwise makes you more effective.

Davinci Virtual understands the vital role video conferencing plays for more and more companies. That’s why we’re launching the “All You Can Eat” video conferencing promotion. Aside from the clever play on your favorite buffet-style restaurant, Davinci Virtual is truly offering a strong value play for busy entrepreneurs and executives who need to be in more places than time allows.

Davinci Virtual offers video conferencing via WebEx, so you get the performance, reliability and security that comes with the Cisco brand name, plus a rich feature set to make your online meetings easy. WebEx combines real-time desktop sharing with phone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. After you try it just once, you'll agree that it's far more productive than e-mailing files and struggling to get everyone on the same page over the phone.

With unlimited usage for only $69.95 a month and no set up fee, you can begin saving money and increasing productivity today. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your All You Can Eat video conferencing today, or contact chat online with a Davinci Virtual representative if you have questions about the service.


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