Why You Need a Virtual Receptionist in 2010

It’s a new year. If you are like most entrepreneurs, then that means you’ve got new goals, new aspirations – and new to-do lists.

That’s why you need to consider a virtual receptionist. Whether you are just launching a new business venture or have a big vision for growing your small business, chances are a virtual receptionist can help you meet your goals, aspirations and to-do lists in 2010 and beyond.

If yours is like most small, but growing businesses, you don’t get enough calls to justify the monthly expense of hiring a full-time – or even a part-time – receptionist to man the phones and handle other miscellaneous administrative tasks at hand. But that doesn’t mean you have time to answer all those calls and handle those tasks yourself, either.

You’ve heard of the Pareto Principle. Also known as the 80-20 Rule, the Pareto Principle as applied to business says that the top 20 percent of your activities produce 80 percent of your revenue. With this in mind, does it make sense to answer your corporate phones and complete mundane tasks? For 99 percent of companies, the answer is a resounding no.

A virtual receptionist can help you spend more of your time on revenue-generating activities and delegate the tasks of answering phones, typing letters and the like. Keep in mind that your virtual receptionist is more than a phone-answerer. The virtual receptionist can also handle customer service issues, take orders or even make sales calls.

A virtual receptionist service also gives you valuable insights that you might not have time to track if you handled the phones yourself, or even if you hired a traditional receptionist to handle the task. For example, with a virtual receptionist service you can see your incoming call history online and in real-time. And you can manage e-mails and faxes online.

Finally, with a virtual receptionist you can be assured that your business phones are being answered by a qualified, live representative 24/7/365, regardless of weather, illnesses or personal issues. And your callers won’t be frustrated by busy signals because Davinci Virtual's huge call capacity makes room for every call and fax to get through – every time.


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