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How nice would it be to have a full-time robot working for you? With the Davinci Auto Receptionist, your dream becomes reality: a sophisticated, fully-automated telephone system handles your incoming calls, routing them to voicemail or a number of your choosing according to your rules. And every detail of your system can be accessed and configured online at any time.

Back To TopWith Davinci Toll-Free Phone and Fax numbers you can offer customers an easily recognizable way to reach you. What’s a toll-free number and what are its advantages?

Davinci gives you a dedicated toll-free 800, 855, 866, 877, or 888 number, which can be applied to your phone or fax line. Should you ever need more numbers, we can easily add as many as you prefer.

You can also select a local number to establish a business presence in most major cities around the world. In addition to the virtual telephone systems, Davinci also offers virtual office rental and virtual office addresses across the globe.

With Davinci’s auto receptionist services and feature rich virtual PBX solutions, you get the benefits of smart call filtering, so you only get the most important calls that need your direct attention.

To elevate your professional business image, contact Davinci and add an auto receptionist with toll-free number. The business world is ready for your arrival, so what are you waiting for?Back To Top
Back To TopAdd custom hold music, transfer messages, voicemails, or introductions with Davinci’s easy-to-use backend voicemail management system. Our solution also enables you to receive your voicemails via email or receive voicemails as text - anywhere.

Voicemail to Email

The voicemail to email service receives all your voicemail messages in your email inbox as digital voice files – choose from MPEG or WAVE file formats. Save valuable time by never having to call in for your voicemail messages again!

Voicemail to Text

Get the ultimate voicemail tool that can convert voice to text! With our voice to text feature, you can read, search, store and print your messages just like email. Imagine never having to listen to your voicemails again.

When you use a great service like voicemail to email or voice to text, you’ll understand why smart entrepreneurs choose Davinci time and time again.Back To Top
Back To TopGet the flexibility of Davinci’s unlimited long-distance calling so you can talk to your customers whenever and wherever you want in the US and Canada.

Avoid the constraints that often come with long-distance packages. Stop jumping through hoops of trivial time restrictions and communicate with your customers in the US and Canada on your terms. Close deals, handle customer queries, and assists potential customers with Davinci’s unlimited long-distance plans.

Other providers round call times up to the minute, so if you go over by a couple seconds, you are charged the full minute. Davinci rounds to the second, so you are never charged for time you didn’t use. Just another reason Davinci has your back.

Davinci knows how important it is to help your business keep the lines of communication open—without the hefty costs to match.

*Unlimited North American long-distance minutes up to 10,000 minutes per month are included. International long-distance rates apply for calls outside of the US and Canada.Back To Top
Back To TopWith a Davinci auto receptionist you'll have access to the most advanced find me/follow me call options on the market via our advanced call routing backend system.

Call routing allows callers to reach you through a dedicated number, no matter where you are. Our call routing service ensures that you no longer have to communicate your schedule to clients and colleagues - simply activate the find me/follow me feature to start intelligent call routing and eliminate the worry of missing an important call ever again.

Other features of our call routing services include the ability to set up different numbers and groups by time of day you want them to ring in, and even set up the order of which phones you want to ring depending on the number of rings.

Davinci's auto receptionist and call forwarding solution is unlike any other. Our drag and drop interface allows you to select when and how you want our rules to apply. Simply upload a schedule of which phones you want to ring during what time frame, it's that simple.

Davinci is dedicated to giving you access to services that will take your business to the next level. We offer an array of services including day offices, business addresses, lobby directory listings, lobby greeters, and advanced call routing.

At Davinci, our reputation speaks for itself. Since 2006 we've been the leading virtual office provider, helping clients like yourself with top of the line services and products you could ask for.Back To Top
Back To TopAn often-overlooked touchpoint in the customer journey is the voicemail greeting. If you aren’t available to answer the phone directly, your voicemail is the first interaction a customer may have with your business.

While no one likes reaching an answering machine, you need to be mindful of the impression you’re creating with your caller. It is important that your voicemail is professional in tone, welcoming, and reassuring that you will return their call as soon as possible.

With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, you have the option to set up multiple types of greetings for your custom voicemail, including unavailable and extended absence greetings.

A customizable voicemail greeting could be the attention to detail that separates you from your competition. And it may help you to turn a missed opportunity into a customer for life.Back To Top
Back To TopManage your business when you’re on the go with the Davinci Communications and the Davinci LIVE and iPhone® and Android® Apps.

The Davinci Communications app allows you to update your availability status, instantly view messages, control call routing and messaging options, view all your call activity and history, place VoIP calls, access business voicemail, voicemail display/playback, voice to text transcriptions, and online faxing.

Davinci’s LIVE mobile app is a simple and convenient way of staying in contact with your live receptionist team on the go, while managing a plethora of other services all from the tap of a finger. Get notifications, modify schedules, and never miss a message or prospect lead again.Back To Top
Back To TopWith Davinci’s audio conferencing service, you, your customers, and your associates can enjoy crystal-clear audio teleconferencing that has the ability to support up to 95 participants.

Setup is a breeze, as Davinci has a system infrastructure in place that is ready to take care of your every need.

Simply log into your Davinci Virtual account and select “Conference Call” to initiate the service. From that point on, you’ll be provided with easy to follow instructions for both the participants and the meeting owner.

Brainstorm, discuss and save on travel costs with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions phone conferencing services.Back To Top
Back To TopSend, receive, and forward faxes from your office, home, or from anywhere you have an internet connection. With Davinci’s online fax services, you’ll never have to run to a FedEx Office location to send a fax again.

Our online fax services make it possible for you to view any fax online or send a fax via email right from your laptop or mobile smart phone. You can choose to receive an online fax in PDF or TIFF formats; whichever you prefer!

Our online faxing solution is even more powerful when you consider that you can auto-forward faxes to any other fax number or even send it to multiple people. With Davinci’s online faxing services, you’ll never have to deal with hard copies of delicate information laying around your office again.

Did you know that your Davinci supplied phone number also doubles as a fax line?

With Davinci, all your faxing needs are conveniently and seamlessly integrated into your everyday workflow.

Send a fax online and view it anywhere! Get digital with your fax, and set up service with Davinci today.Back To Top


  • Toll-Free & Local Numbers
  • Unlimited Long Distance Minutes
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Customizable Greetings
  • Voicemail Management
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Faxing
  • Corporate Email Available
  • Additional Line Extensions Available
  • Learn More...
*Unlimited North American long distance minutes up to 10,000 minutes per month are included.
Auto Receptionist

long distance minutes*
Local & Toll-Free Number

All the communication features you need, without the expensive equipment or long-term contracts.
Auto & Email

long distance minutes*
Includes Corporate Email Address

Corporate email account with hosted exchange including domain registration and management.
Auto Plus

long distance minutes*
4 Additional Voicemail Boxes

Expand your Auto Receptionist with a flexible phone menu connecting up to 4 additional employees.


Communications – Features and Benefits

Making Sure You Don’t Miss the Call, Or the Chat

More than 90% of marketing budgets are spent on getting customers to call. Yet only six percent is actually expended on the operations of handling the call. It isn’t surprising that that customer satisfaction continues to spiral downwards. When asked what organizations can do to create better experiences, a resounding 73% of companies cite valuing their time as the number-one activity!

Davinci Live Receptionists exist to help organizations transform how they engage with prospects and buyers by offering an integrated omnichannel engagement. For more information on Live Receptionist services, check out our new White Paper, “Davinci Virtual Live Receptionist Services: Connecting with Your Prospects and Customers.”

Learn More about Davinci Auto Receptionists

Learn More about Davinci Auto Receptionists


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Add a local, toll-free or international number to build credibility and make it easier for your customers to connect with you.

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