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Premium Vs. Business Live Receptionist Services [Infographic]

Davinci Virtual is proud to present an infographic guide to Live Receptionist Services for your business. Utilize this graphic to learn about premium vs. business live receptionist services and the benefits that each can offer you.

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Premium VS Business Live Receptionist Services


Davinci 101: Premium Live Receptionist

One of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face is ensuring that they have proper communication with current and prospective clients. Many business owners run themselves ragged trying to juggle daily tasks, meetings, personal to-dos, client communication, and business admin tasks. And even with a deep investment of time and energy, many tasks simply get left unfinished or follow-up with clients suffers. One of the best ways to keep up with daily business tasks and communication with clients is to invest in a live receptionist service. Davinci’s Premium Live Receptionist plans are the perfect solution for any entrepreneur or small business that needs help with business administration and client communication.

Through a decade of working closely with motivated business owners, we’ve tapped into the most common pain points that face today’s working professionals. As a response, we’ve created a live receptionist service that directly solves the entrepreneur’s most common issues, and they’re more affordable than hiring a part-time employee. Some of the services included in Davinci’s Premium Live Receptionist service include:

Call Management – Call forwarding, call screening, outbound calling, complex call flows, call routing, voicemail management, and after hours auto attendant.

Business Administration – Appointment scheduling, administrative tasks, travel planning, and delivery scheduling.

Customer Service – Order processing, customer care, bilingual call answering, technical support, FAQ support, and more.

Tools and Services – Local & toll-free numbers, unlimited long-distance calling, audio conferencing, and online fax support

The Davinci Premium Live Receptionist packages are aimed at motivated entrepreneur’s that are looking to save money on staffing, be more reactive to the changes in their industry, and find more time to focus on what matters most in their personal and professional lives.

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10 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Can Help a Small Business to Succeed

Small businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to manage everything on their plates. Consider this interesting factoid. Even though we are living in a Digital Age when technology is commonplace, nearly half of small businesses still don’t have an online presence. Factor into consideration that the majority of their customers prefer (and sometimes only) to engage with their vendors through digital channels, and this is a huge business gap.

Help Needed!

It is no wonder that many of these same businesses cannot find time to manage their daily schedules and appointments, field incoming sales and customer service calls, and perform basic administrative tasks. The answer is not to work more hours or to multitask faster. As a small business, you and your team are very likely already working at full capacity.

Yet hiring a full-time or even a part-time assistant simply isn’t feasible. Non-revenue producing staff is not something most small businesses can afford. Further, new tax and benefit requirements such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and new paid sick leave laws make it even more prohibitive.

So what is the alternative? Missed customer or prospect calls, delays in getting customers answers to their questions or problems, difficulty scheduling meetings, among other administrative functions are not the solution. The answer is outside of your company. Just as technology has disrupted many other areas of the economy, it has changed how a growing number of small businesses manage their administrative tasks—and frankly even more.

10 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help

Davinci Virtual recognized the potential impact virtual assistants could have on small businesses when we were found nearly a decade ago. Thousands of small businesses use our Davinci Live Receptionist Services so that they can focus on their businesses. The combination of the right technology with a personal human touch enables our small business customers to extend their brand experience and reach without adding any new staff to their teams.

What are some of the ways Davinci Live Receptionists can help a small businesses? It begins with the basics:

1. Call forwarding and screening.

Incoming calls can be screened by a member of your dedicated receptionist team and routed to the appropriate employee in your company or to any phone number you elect to use.

2. Voice mail management.

You can receive all voicemail in your email inbox, thus eliminating the need to call your voicemail. In addition to this voicemail-to-email capability, you can convert all of your email to voice; read, search, store, and print messages just like email.

3. Appointment scheduling.

Appointments get scheduled in real time and include email alerts and/or text notifications for new or upcoming appointments.

4. Dedicated local and toll-free numbers.

Establish a business presence in a new city and make it easy for customers to get in touch with you by using dedicated local and toll-free numbers.

5. Advanced call routing.

Prospects and customers can reach you regardless of where you are at by using advanced call routing.

6. Administrative tasks and work.

Administrative tasks can consume valuable time you need to spend on the business. Outsource tasks such as travel planning, delivery scheduling, and meeting support so that you can focus on your business.

7. Auto receptionist.

For businesses with a high volume of inbound calls, a full-featured auto receptionist can be employed to route them to the right person or voicemail within your organization.

8. Online faxing.

Going paperless makes full sense when it comes to faxing. With online faxing, small businesses can receive and send all of their faxes via email and to read incoming faxes within email.

9. Audio conferencing.

Phone conferencing is an assumed capability for most companies. Small businesses can integrate their audio conferencing needs into their virtual receptionist service, simplifying management and allaying costs.

10. Special FAQs and complex call flows.

Creating a call flow process will help optimize the time spent speaking the prospects and customers on the phone. Route calls to a specific department, answer their FAQs, and provide them with product support.

In addition to the above, small businesses can get more strategic in how they leverage their Davinci Live Receptionists team. Because our dedicated virtual teams are experts on their customers’ businesses, the live receptionists can perform outbound calling services as well. This is where they become particularly valuable, often delivering bottom-line results for our small business customers. These activities range from lead generation, to outbound appointment scheduling, to surveys and market research, to subscription renewals and sales.

Thousands of small businesses across the United States experience the benefits of Davinci Live Receptionist Services every day. For more information on Live Receptionist Services and how our team of professionals can help your small business, visit


Davinci 101: Live chat services drive more sales and create a better customer service experience

One of the most popular add-on services among our current customers is our live web chat service. More and more people are finding out the convenience and effectiveness of having online live chat as part of their overall business strategy. If you have spent any significant time on the Davinci website, you have probably seen a peek into how the live chat service works. If not, here’s the basic rundown.

When a visitor comes to a live chat enabled website, they browse from page to page as they normally would. Based on a set of defined rules (time, number pages visited, etc.) the website may automatically prompt the visitor if they would like to engage in live chat with a representative. If they choose yes, they’re immediately connected to a Davinci live chat receptionist. Once connected, the live chat receptionist can help with customer service inquiries, ordering, or just helping the website visitor to understand the site, services, and products. Live chat services are way more effective than hoping that the visitor fills out a contact form.

Live chat for business can be a true game changer for entrepreneurs for many reasons. First, live chat is a proven method for increasing qualified sales leads. Second, providing a live chat service for your current and potential clients shows that you’re committed to providing great communication. Finally, it frees you up as a business owner to focus more on the bigger picture or other important tasks than gathering leads. Having a Davinci Live Receptionist available to manage website live chat opportunities will greatly increase your website’s overall ability to sell and communicate.

We provide the best live chat solutions for all websites, including WordPress and custom built sites. To find out more about adding live web chat services to your website through Davinci, contact our company’s sales team at 888.863.3423.


4 Reasons to Go Virtual Versus In-House for Receptionists and Assistants

One of the biggest challenges facing many small businesses today is the lack of time and resources. Both are finite and the lack of one or both can impede a company’s ability to grow and expand. Recognizing virtual receptionists can help them overcome these obstacles, as rapidly growing numbers of small businesses are embracing virtual receptionists. Some of the issues small businesses seek to solve include:

  • Cannot afford a full-time receptionist
  • Do not want to assume tax and benefit responsibilities for full-time staff
  • Unable to be available 24×7
  • Managing schedules is time-consuming and complex
  • Need for the flexibility to scale up and scale down resources


With the help of virtual receptionists (or assistants), small businesses can focus on building their businesses and delivering great solutions and services for their customers rather than spending valuable time on administrative tasks. In addition, the potential use cases for virtual receptionists are much broader in scope than for in-house receptionists.

A side-by-side comparison of Davinci Live Receptionists to in-house receptionists evinces some important differentiators. The takeaway: the aggregate is much greater than an individual contributor.

1. Collective approach. One advantage is our team approach. Dedicated teams of Live Receptionist professionals are experts on the products and services of the customers for which they serve. Their collective experience and knowledge is a greater multiplier over in-house staff (team compared to one individual).

2. Business agility. Because an entire team of professionals is trained on each of our customer’s products and services, Davinci customers have the ability to scale up and down to flexibly accommodate shifts in business requirements. With Davinci Live Receptionist Services, small businesses suddenly achieve the agility of a large business without assuming any of the same risks.

3. Professional capabilities. The Davinci Live Receptionist team is trained in a wide range of business capabilities. For example, rarely—if ever—is an in-house assistant capable of handling outbound sales calls in addition to answering calls. But in the case of our professional team, managing outbound sales calls is a proven capability across a wide range of industries.

4. Mentoring, quality control. We take employee development very seriously and created a skills-based and career-path staffing model that allows us to recruit, train, and retain champion professionals. Our Davinci Live Receptionist team graduates through a multi-tier development program. Throughout this entire process, our professionals are coached and mentored as well as evaluated on their performance in serving our customers’ prospects and customers. This highly structured approach simply cannot be replicated in a small business environment where the receptionist/assistant is one person who works in a silo.

Hundreds of small businesses across the United States experience the benefits of Davinci Live Receptionist Services every day, and their great reviews have made us the best provider for over a decade now. For more information on Davinci Live Receptionist Services and how our team of professionals can help your small business, visit