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The Freedom of a Virtual Office, Underscored

You don’t need a full-time office any longer thanks to advancing technologies that allow you to work efficiently anywhere and anytime. You might prefer to not have to trudge into the headquarters office routinely as an everyday 9-to-5 commuter if you had your druthers, which saves you time, money, and reduces carbon footprint. Qualified employees are also demanding more from their place of work, from flexible work hours and perhaps even a combo of on-site and off-site days, and employers are listening in order to attract and keep the talent. And with many bosses loosening their presenteeism monitoring standards, opting instead for bottom-line & measurable deliverables and less on where the work is performed, it is definitely becoming a ticket to management/employment bliss.

In fact, you may be your own boss, because we live in an increasingly solo-preneuring, freelancing work universe where some employers welcome part-time and contracted employees in greater numbers. These types of employees, or partners, keep a business’ various expenses down, including payroll/benefit costs, and not having to devote a full-time private office space for all its employees that goes largely unused, all thanks to our new, nomadic work-ways.

Today, (and more so tomorrow) more people work virtually. These virtual workers only need a highly flexible, low-cost virtual office to do the trick for their space needs; place where they can pop into and use a workspace or meeting room when need be, and where they can reliably receive all the services they require to remain operationally lean and fleet-of-foot. By not carrying the burden of full-time office space they no longer need, virtual office clients are becoming more agile and saving a lot of money. Virtual Office Nirvana reigns supreme!

Why pay for a full-time office when don’t really have the need for one? It seems almost silly when having the freedom and ability to pay for just the space and services that you need, when you need it, is the more prudent and efficient way to work. It’s a realization and secret that many Millennials have wised up to – and that all other work generations are catching onto. You may not need a full-time office – and a cost-effective Virtual Office is just what the doctor ordered.

Today’s workers relish mobility, reliability, austerity, variety and above all, the freedom to design and manage their work-life balancing act in a way that makes more economical, physical and time-and-motion sense. The ideal solution for this newly transformed work-way mega-trend demand is Virtual Officing – which is why it’s such a popular answer for so many workers and entrepreneurs. If you have time today, why don’t you take a look at what Davinci Virtual can do for you and your business? You won’t regret it.


The Many Ways That Virtual Offices Trump Working From Home

Working from home, either part-time or full-time, is a wonderful option for many, but not all workers. It depends on the type of job and work at hand and whether there is support and encouragement from the employer to do so; as often found in ROWE (Results Oriented Work Environment) companies, which are increasing in popularity and mainstreaming with each passing day. Another big factor is whether the home work environment is conducive to remote working as far as satisfying all technical and equipment requirements, as well as whether it is worth the cost and effort to make it so.

But even when we presume that all these factors lend themselves to a ready and supported home-working arrangement, and the set-up and IT is fine, the employer is in total support. As a result, satisfactory results are not dependent on daily commutes to a central office/headquarters with required presenteeism standards, because there are still some important factors to keep in mind that point to the fact that home-based working isn’t always an automatic, consistently reliable Shangri-la. In fact, in many instances, this convenient, time-and-money saving home-working measure is counter-intuitively unsatisfactory or unworkable, despite the few apparent advantages.

Working from home for an employer, as a solo-preneuring, contractor or remote worker, is a double-edged sword. Some people simply need the triggering mechanism and discipline of getting out and about, to work out of an office in order to give it their best focus. Others have a low tolerance and/or lack the necessary discipline to ward off the slew of inevitable interruptions that working from home poses – from a sluggish crank-up to tackle the day’s workload, to succumbing to a myriad of distractions such as TV or other happenings that pop up and wobble the daily work-life rhythm. Working from home definitely has a few upsides, but it’s simply not the answer for all people or situations. For those that are untethered to a traditional 9-to-5 work regimen, and relish and sparkle in today’s work anytime/work anywhere universe, there are many options, like working from home or a virtual office., Working from home is not always ideal, however, there’s the popular, inexpensive alternative of virtual offices Virtual offices are a place to go to work conveniently in a professional environment, where you sidestep all the distractions of home and get revved up for a serious day of focused work in a professional, conducive and supportive environment.

There are many great reasons why virtual officing is the ideal, best-of-both-worlds solution in our increasingly agile/mobile work universe. Affordable, flexible, scalable, and eminently professional, virtual offices give you a place where you can meet with clients and network with like-minded professionals, all while paying a minimal charge as part of your Virtual Office plan.

As a twentieth century solution, virtual offices allow you to maximize your productivity, without maxing out your credit cards for unused space. So, if you absolutely need to, have a home office – but at the same time, to max out on the legitimacy, stability and professionalism that a virtual office can offer, you just can’t beat the wisdom of signing on with one of the wide variety of virtual office services. From having a professional address, to having your calls answered in a friendly and professional manner, to receiving and sending mail and packages from this address, to a well-appointed place to conduct important meetings & networking opportunities, we have the perfect virtual offices that are available today, often conveniently located right near where you live. So don’t delay any longer, forgo the distracting home environment, and start working like a professional from your own virtual office today with Davinci virtual office solutions.


Virtual or Permanent Office? Answering the Cons of a Virtual Office

Over the past decade, technology evolution coupled with changes in the workplace have transformed perceptions of small businesses and their customers toward permanent office space. While a physical office is a requisite for the needs of some small businesses, it no longer is a requirement for many. New startups are increasingly choosing virtual office strategies rather than signing leases for physical office locations. Further, small businesses with existing offices are giving up those locations in favor of virtual offices.

The “Pros” of the Virtual Office

There are certainly advantages to foregoing a permanent & physical home office. Below are a few of the more prevalent:

Overhead costs. A virtual office means there is no expensive office lease, utility payments, insurance, maintenance, or office furniture and equipment that come with a brick-and-mortar space. Depending on the location, office space in some locations is becoming virtually impossible to find, or the costs are prohibitively exorbitant. Even when the benefits of a physical office location are considered, the costs of the space often outweigh those.

Expanded talent pool. A physical office location requires commuting and restricts a company to recruiting within a specific area. Further, with the rise of millennial workers, which now comprise 50 percent of the workforce, there is growing interest in the workforce for greater flexibility. This next-generation workforce does not want to be chained to their desks and measured on when they arrive and leave for work. Rather, they want to be challenged with goals and objectives. A virtual office erases these geographic and demographic barriers.

Productivity.Without a daily commute, worker productivity actually increases. Two or three hours a day in commute time can quickly add up to weeks or months of productivity gains. Further, with “punching the clock” no longer a performance measurement, employees focus on goals and results, factors that are much greater areas of motivation.

Office administrator. With a physical office, an office administrator often is required. However, with a virtual office, this headcount is no longer needed. Less expensive—and better—alternatives exist for the virtual office such as Davinci Virtual Receptionists.

Answering the “Cons” of the Virtual Office

A quick search on Google comparing the pros and cons of a virtual office results in a list advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most-often cited disadvantages of a virtual office include:

Business location. Small businesses seek great professional office locations—both for their central office location as well as secondary/regional offices. But a physical office is not required to obtain these. With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, small businesses have the choice of 1,000-plus killer professional business addresses across the United States and in over 30 countries worldwide.

Prospects and customer meetings. First impressions do matter. For small businesses that have face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers, it is important that those meetings occur in locations commensurate with desired brand experience. This includes everything from a meeting/lobby greeter, to a professional conference space with top-notch equipment and accoutrements, to a business address that can up-scale a company’s brand. Check out our recent blog “8 Things that Can Go Wrong When Hosting a Customer Meeting” for more details.

Great prospect and customer meetings can still occur without needing to rent a physical office. With Davinci Meeting Rooms, small businesses have a selection of more than 4,000 meeting room locations for prospect and customer meetings. For those small businesses entertaining other options such as hotel meeting space and local coffee shops, think again. Hotel meeting space is as much as 50 percent more expensive, and coffee shops and other public locations present numerous meeting challenges in addition to lack of privacy, resulting in subpar experiences for all participants.

Team collaboration/building. Social interaction and collaborative problem-solving and brainstorming occurs better in person. This does not necessitate a permanent physical office space. Rather, small businesses can reserve professional office space for everything from weekly staff meetings, to quarterly all-hands meetings, to board meetings and senior leadership retreats, to product development collaboration sessions.

As with prospect and customer meetings, options exist beyond signing an expensive, inflexible physical office lease. Specifically, with Davinci Meeting Rooms, small businesses have the flexibility to hold team meetings where and when they want. Check out our recent blog post “11 Ways to Use Virtual Meeting Rooms” for more ideas on how small businesses can leverage meeting virtual meeting rooms.

Professional human touch. Many small businesses that have permanent physical offices opt to hire office receptionists. This human touch is important for a number of reasons. First impressions and experience counts for prospects and customers. Having a receptionist who ensures prospects and customers receive a professional greeting upon arrival and moreover answers all of their questions and provides administrative support is important.

We are proud to say that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to this part. Professional lobby greeters come with Davinci Meeting Rooms, welcoming prospects, customers, partners, and employees to the meeting location and providing them with administrative support throughout the meeting.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Small businesses have the ability to look and act just like a large company when they rely on Davinci Virtual Office Solutions. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions include over 1,000 global business addresses you can use for your business, as well as live receptionist services to assist with your communication needs. Davinci Meeting Rooms offer over 4,000 meeting rooms in 1,000 locations worldwide that are fully equipped with the latest technologies and presentation tools. All meeting rooms include a lobby greeter, who helps ensure that attendees have a great first impression and provides assistance when additional services are needed (e.g., fax, mailing, transcription, beverages, etc.).

Visit Davinci Virtual Office Solutions and Davinci Meeting Rooms for more information. Reserve a meeting room or secure a killer professional business address today. Or simply give us a call (1-888-863-3423) or chat with us.


How to find a professional office space for rent at a low cost

The cost of occupying an office space isn’t just limited to a monthly lease. It comes with many frequently overlooked operating costs. Quickly, it can extend beyond your business’s budget, especially if you are a startup or small business.

However, this should not deter you from expanding or seeking office space, nor should you settle for anything less than perfect. There are many things you can do to find an affordable office space in a prime location:

Take over another business’s lease

One option for businesses on a budget is to take over another business’s lease. Sometimes, you can find other businesses who need to break lease before they reach their contract’s end date, and in many cases they want to get out of their lease as soon as possible. This creates a unique opportunity to negotiate for a better rate. In many cases, they may also reduce or eliminate upfront costs typically associated with getting a new lease, such as security deposits or advance rent. The original business owner will still be losing less than the actual penalty costs of breaking lease, and you will get a great deal on an otherwise expensive location.

Don’t shy away from prime locations

While it may cost more upfront, settling with a space in the location you really want can actually end up being less expensive over time. Having a space in a prime location can not only draw in new business, it can also help keep your most talent talented employees. More frequently than you may realize, top talent will quit because they dislike the location of their work. When looking to expand and move to a new business space, consider the flight risk. Make sure it is a comfortable space in a convenient location, not just for your employees, but for your customers, too. This is key to increasing revenue and company-wide satisfaction.

Share a space with other businesses

Another option is renting a shared office or co-working space. While it may present an issue if you desire privacy, it is a welcome alternative for individuals or small teams who often work in isolation, but would benefit from a synergistic environment. Co-working spaces differ from other spaces in that they are very informal and encourage socialization and collaboration. If your company goal is to reduce overhead costs in addition to creating a sense of community, a co-working space is a great option.

Find a fixer-upper and do some of the work yourself

Perhaps you found an inexpensive space in or nearby your ideal location, but there’s a catch: it could use a little work. Don’t let that scare you. Repairs or remodeling can be very affordable if you do some of the work yourself, and with the many DIY resources available on the internet, it can be easier than you expect, too. It’s also worth noting that renovating or fixing up an office space increases its value, so you can expect to see some of those costs return to you should you ever want to relocate.

Consider virtual office solutions

The easiest and most affordable option for small businesses is a virtual office space. A virtual office space, provided by companies like Davinci Virtual, includes all the benefits of a professional office lease, but for far less per month and none of the commitment. For a small monthly rate, your business receives a professional business address complete with mail forwarding and access to meeting room rentals. Virtual offices are located in key business centers all over the world, and for daily or hourly rates, you can meet with important customers or clients in one of their fully-equipped, state-of-the-art conference rooms. This eliminates the need for purchasing furniture, equipment, or other supplies, as well, saving your business even more money.

Whether you work from home or you’re a small business looking to expand, there are many ways to find affordable office space for rent, from co-working and temporary office spaces to quality offices in prime locations.

Find an office space for rent in your location today.


Adopt a less than truckload strategy for increased profits

How many things does your business pay for that is not used to its fullest capacity? No matter how many or how few, the full truckload methodology applied to businesses results in loss of revenue and opportunities to grow. Adopting a less than truckload strategy, however, can actually save your business money and increase its efficiency.

You may have heard the term “LTL” or “less than truckload” before, particularly in reference to trucking and transportation. Generally speaking, trucks would transport full truckloads of goods because it was more efficient than carrying less than a truckload. Transporting half of a shipment was wasteful. But then the “less than truckload” idea was innovated, and many companies would share resources, loading one truck with many partial shipments to create a conglomerate. In Seth Godin’s blog post, he explains that businesses can similarly increase their efficiency by sharing resources.

There are several business practices in which you participate that can be incredibly wasteful, but there are more affordable and efficient alternatives that provide the exact same services:

Hiring a receptionist

The first one is having a receptionist. Depending on the size of your business, spending the money on a full-time employee to handle tasks like answering phones and scheduling appointments is unnecessary. And the costs don’t stop there: you must also consider the cost of an additional workspace, supplies, and equipment. While you may absolutely need the services that a receptionist provides, there are more cost effective alternatives.

Instead of hiring an on-site receptionist, you can adopt the less than truckload model and share resources with virtual receptionist services. Virtual receptionists can perform all of the same administrative tasks as a full-time on-site employee, but for far less money. All virtual receptionists are based in the US, working in small teams from off-site professional buildings and offices, tending to a variety of clients. Each live virtual receptionist is trained to handle your business’s specific needs, saving you the time and costs that would be ordinarily be spent on training.

For as low as $59 a month, you can have voicemail management, advanced call routing, unlimited long distance minutes, and much more. Upgraded packages are also available if you need more advanced services.

By outsourcing this work through a company that shares its services with many businesses, you save time, money, and space.

Leasing additional office space

The second most common and wasteful business practice is leasing addition office space. Small businesses and startups have only the occasional need for spaces like conference rooms or day offices. As home-based businesses grow in popularity, so do virtual office solutions like meeting room rentals and virtual offices.

Virtual offices give you a local business address to use on your website and business cards, mail receipt and forwarding, lobby directory listings, and access to meeting spaces in business centers located at your professional address.

The concept of resource sharing applies here, too. These business centers offer meeting room rentals and are used by many clients, so their cost is far lower than that of an office lease. Since most businesses only occasionally need access to meeting rooms, it is actually cheaper to rent these kinds of spaces by the hour or by the day than paying thousands of dollars each month for 24/7 access to a 400 square foot room.

Adopting a less than truckload business strategy is helpful for any business owner paying for space and services they never fully use. By sharing resources through services like virtual office solutions, you not only save your business money, but also take a step toward increasing revenue by establishing a more professional image and freeing up more time to expand.
Contact us and stop paying for wasted space and adopt the less than truckload business strategy for your organization today with the services offered by Davinci Virtual.