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Small Business Tips for the Healthcare Industry

For small businesses, managing finances, controlling costs, securing funding, and making budgets stretch is one of the biggest keys to successful business growth. Even the best ideas and business models will be limited by how well their owners do with the company’s financial matters. At Davinci our products are geared toward helping business owners save money without sacrificing quality in their customer service and responsiveness. We help businesses to be more flexible, more available, and more professional as they grow. But what about funding? At some point most businesses need help raising funds, and in some business sectors there can be very specific challenges.

One of the industries where we have many active clients is in the healthcare industry. Private practices use our live receptionists for their answering service to help them stay organized and in touch with their patients. Individual healthcare professionals have learned that virtual assistant services are a big help in their daily routines. But when it comes time to get funding, there are often a lot of obstacles. Some healthcare professionals turn to conventional business loans from a bank, but in recent years the rise of healthcare-focused lending programs has really helped the industry grow.

Many of these lenders that focus solely on healthcare lending, such as the Bankers Healthcare Group, or BHG, know exactly what challenges healthcare professionals face and will tailor their loans to fit the specific needs that the industry demands. These niche lenders are faster, provide a more personalized product, and are prepared to deal with the changing healthcare industry environment.

Other industries have their own niche lenders as well. If you’re a small business owner and are looking for funding, it’s worth investigating what sorts of options exist among lenders who target your specific business sector. So while you save money and time with our virtual office services, make sure you find equally beneficial options when it comes to lending.


Interesting Things Are Happening [Infographic]

The internet is steam rolling a path for a new kind of company. Consumers are becoming accustomed to the instant gratification model. They are in control of when and where and what they want to purchase. Interesting things are happening.

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How to Drastically Transform Your Business and Ensure Success

Is your small business less successful than it used to be? Unfortunately, it’s a common problem encountered by many business owners, but luckily there are ways you can transform your business and bounce back.

Owning a business is not static. As the market continuously changes, so too must the businesses within it if they wish to remain relevant and draw in revenue. If you aren’t sure where to start and sales have already plummeted, don’t worry. Here are a few simple ways you can transform your business and continue to run a business successfully far into the future:

    1. Create a vision of what you want your business to be.

Before you begin your transformation, you must first have a clear vision of what you want to transform your business to be. Start with the mission statement and reflect on whether or not that needs to change. For what does your business stand? How do your business practices help you achieve your mission? If there is a way your business could change to better achieve its purpose, make note of it. Perhaps your goals are no longer relevant and you need to set new ones. Creating a vision begins with analyzing the very foundation of your business and asking yourself, “Is this working and can it be improved?”

    1. Build a strategy to make that vision a reality.

After you create your vision, it is time to start building a strategy to bring it to life. With your new goal in mind, brainstorm realistic ways to achieve them. Outline specific action items that will translate into desirable results.

Next, create a designated team to analyze the issue and identify the root cause of the problem. This team should be comprised of people with a variety of positions so that they may determine at least a few actions per department to ensure that your solution is all-encompassing.

    1. Reevaluate your business budget.

Your committee may discover that much of your budget is misallocated, which will require immediate changes companywide. For example, you may find you need to increase the price of your product or shift some of your budget for future projects to marketing. Whatever the case, budget changes will have a big impact on your business. To lessen the shock of budget adjustments, you should formulate a plan to reduce overhead costs, in general.

One way you can significantly cut costs is to take advantage of virtual office solutions. Using virtual receptionist services instead of hiring a full-time employee for administrative tasks or having employees work remotely and adopting the virtual office business model can decrease your annual spend on salaries and office leases by thousands of dollars.

    1. Find a way to bring in and utilize the latest technology.

If your business is falling behind, you may want to consider bringing your business into the future by finding a way to integrate new technology into your business practices. This means bringing in tech-savvy employees, investing in the latest tools to increase efficiency, and making sure your website and products/services are easily found by the average internet user.

It’s a necessary step for all businesses to take if they want to ensure long-term success. Technology can help your business streamline its processes and improve its web presence, resulting in better customer service, more sales, and increased productivity throughout your entire company.

    1. Involve your employees in the transformation process.

When a business is going through a lot of big changes, its easy for employees to feel ill at ease by being left out of the process. To retain your top talent, be sure to involve your employees in the transformation process. Consult them for their opinions and allow them to play larger roles in getting your business back on track. As a result, less work will fall solely on your shoulders and your employees will feel valued.

Running a successful business requires constant evolution, but you don’t have to do it alone. By reducing overhead, creating a team of employees to help develop a transformation strategy, and incorporating relevant technology into your business practices, you can turn things around and secure your business’s future.

Transform your startup into a successful business today with Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.


Customer Success Story: Adler Law

Robert Adler began practicing law in 1985. A graduate of the prestigious Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, and Adler maintains an active presence in his local community through his membership in the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA).

Adler Law is a problem-solving law firm in Calabasas, California, and employs a relaxed, relational, open style, allowing each party an opportunity to be heard. The firm works hard to bring each case to a most optimal outcome. As a result, Adler Law takes great pride in providing a full set of services to its clients with legal expertise in real estate, construction, business litigation, and personal injury.

Examining the Argument

But with all of this success and community and professional involvement comes challenges. Adler found that he was spending an inordinate amount of time answering incoming calls and inquiries and maintaining his calendar. It was taking away from the time spent with clients.

As Adler Law is a relatively small firm, Adler did not want to expend valuable funds to hire a full-time—or even part-time—receptionist. He had read a couple articles on the virtual assistants, and he decided to perform an online search to see what options might be available. He subsequently pinpointed several different companies offering virtual assistant services. One of them was Davinci Virtual Office Solutions.

Making the Case

“I spent some time looking at the different options and comparing their capabilities,” Adler remarks. “I wanted something more than a standard answering service. I wanted a virtual receptionist.” The provider needed to understand Adler Law and its clients. Adler also wanted a solution that he and his team could customize to their needs. A one-size-fits-all approach would not satisfy his requirements. For example, he wanted appointments scheduled directly into his personal calendar instead of a generic calendar that an answering service would provide.

A Google search result uncovered several options, including a link to Davinci’s website. Once Adler landed on the site and had viewed several pages related to Davinci’s Live Receptionist Services, he received an invitation for a live web chat with a Davinci professional. He accepted the invite and was immediately engaged with a Davinci live chat specialist who was able to answer his questions and show him different service options.

“It was a very seamless process,” Adler notes. “I was able to get my questions answered very quickly and thoroughly.”

"We were looking for our virtual assistant to become a virtual extension of our team, someone who would do more than simply answer calls and forward them. We got exactly that with Davinci Virtual Receptionist Services.”
-Robert Adler, Principal, Adler Law

Taking Action

Adler initially signed up for an Executive 100 plan that gave him up to 100 live answering minutes each month. “I was able to review and choose various features that met our requirements such as appointment scheduling, call forwarding, and advanced call routing.” The ability to customize the online calendar for meeting scheduling and set up email alerts and texts for new and upcoming meetings was precisely what Adler sought in a solution.

Another important factor Adler found compelling was Davinci’s team approach, whereby Adler Law would be assigned to a dedicated team of five professionals who would become experts on Adler Law. “We were looking for our virtual assistant to become a virtual extension of our team, someone who would do more than simply answer calls and forward them,” Adler notes. “We got exactly that with Davinci Virtual Receptionist Services.”

Adding Up the Judgment

In lieu of hiring a full-time administrator, Adler was able to leverage Davinci Live Receptionist Services. “This gave us a solution at a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist,” Adler says. “This saves the firm tens of thousands of dollars annually.” Plus, as turnover rates are high for many receptionists, Adler Law does not need to worry about retraining and operational disruptions. “With the team from Davinci, we have ‘receptionist continuity.’” Adler quips. “The initial engagement with our client is very important, and having Davinci on that front line gives us great confidence that the client experience will be outstanding right out of the gate,” Adler adds.

Cost avoidance is just one of the benefits Adler has realized. “Our team previously spent valuable time scheduling meetings on our calendars and fielding incoming calls and then routing them to the appropriate person on our team,” he explains. “Neither myself nor a member of team needs to worry about these tasks now because we have Davinci Live Receptionist Services.”

"Davinci Live Receptionist Services gave us a solution at a fraction of the cost of hiring a receptionist. This saves the firm tens of thousands of dollars annually."
-Robert Adler, Principal, Adler Law

Upgraded and Litigating

The solution has proven so effective that Adler upgraded from the Executive 100 plan to the Premium 250 plan. This increased the number of receptionist minutes Adler Law uses each month from 100 to 250.

The decision to move to live virtual receptionist services and specifically Davinci Live Receptionist Services has turned out to be a winning argument for Adler Law. “Davinci Live Receptionist Services allows Adler Law to focus on our charter,” Adler sums up. “We no longer need to worry about answering and routing incoming calls and instead can focus on litigating on behalf of our clients and helping them to obtain justice.”

Organizations such as Adler Law understand the value of Davinci Live Receptionist Services. First impressions count, and Davinci Live Receptionist Services gives small businesses the brand voice they cannot attain on their own. Contact us today to find out more about Davinci Live Receptionist Services. Also, make sure to sign up for our blog and receive notifications whenever we have a new post.

For more information on Adler Law, visit the firm’s website at or contact the firm at 888.926.0678. You can also follow them on Facebook.


7 Bad Pieces of Advice about Entrepreneurship You Should Ignore

When you are first starting a business, you are bound to receive a lot of advice. However, not all advice that new entrepreneurs receive is good advice.

Although much of the advice you hear may be based off of personal experiences, all businesses are different, and the way they perform in the market will reflect that. You can follow all of the entrepreneur advice in the world and still run the risk of failure.

That being said, there are still seven bad pieces of advice for entrepreneurs that you should ignore:

  1. You must copy your competitors to succeed.

If your competitors are successful, copying them doesn't necessarily mean your business will be successful, too. The key to running a successful business is offering something your competitors cannot. Rather than focusing on what’s working for the competition, spend more time strategizing how to differentiate yourself and draw attention to those differences when marketing your business. The most successful start-ups will always be the most innovative. Be different and continue to evolve as your business grows to remain relevant.

  1. You must quit your day job to have time to focus on your start-up.

Just because you are starting a new job as a business owner, doesn't mean you have to leave your current job. In fact, it’s recommended to keep other employment as you first start your business to ensure you still have a secure income rolling in. Your start-up will take off at its own pace. Unfortunately, that is primarily determined by the market—not business owners. You can’t force success to happen overnight, so in the meantime, don’t jump the gun. Relax and be patient.

  1. Your product/service must be cheaper than your competitor’s.

Having the most cost-effective product or service on the market doesn't always correlate with the most sales or high revenue. The cost of your product/service should be fair, meaning they should cover the cost of labor and materials needed with a little wiggle room for your business to actually make a profit. If your prices are too low, you begin to lose money, which is a common mistake made by many start-ups. Focus on quality and good customer service to outshine the competition to ensure you can sustain your business practices.

  1. The harder you work, the better your business’s results will be.

This piece of advice is particularly dangerous. Our society has built up a culture around hard work and the 100-hour work week. Not only does this level of intensity increase the likelihood of burnout, it also decreases the quality of your work. Alternatively, work in shorter bursts of productivity to ensure the work you perform is as great as it can possibly be. Reports done a couple days late during a time when you are rested and alert are guaranteed to be better than a rushed attempt when you are stressed during the late hours of the night. If you find you are overloaded, it may be time to ask yourself if you need help from a virtual receptionist.

  1. You must be passionate about your work.

You may be familiar with the phrase, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Unfortunately, this is not always true. Instead, be sure to rely on a strong business plan rather than leaning on the hope that others will be as enthusiastic about your work as you are. There is also the possibility that you may find passion in a field you would not have expected. Consider the alternative possibility of success preceding passion.

  1. Follow your intuition and act on it.

There is much to be said about the validity of gut instincts, but they should never be acted upon without deep analysis, research, and thought. Intuition is only useful in making business decisions if it is rooted in facts, so meticulously gauge the legitimacy of those feelings and pore over the data before you do anything rash. If you have strong feeling about something, don’t ignore it. Simply take the time to connect that instinct with fact and reason to avoid making any big mistakes.

  1. You must have a physical location.

Digitalization and mobile entrepreneurship have given rise to a surge in successful home-based business. Start-up businesses can create the appearance of a physical location with a virtual office address. Virtual office space is also available to meet with investors and clients all over the world so you can maintain the professionalism of a large corporation on a small business budget.

What other bad advice about starting a business have you heard? Share in the comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter!